Palestinian prisoners struggle against sanctions while separated from their families at Ramadan


As Ramadan begins, Palestinian prisoners’ associations have noted that 7,000 Palestinian prisoners will be kept from their families, with thousands of iftar tables having an empty seat for their absent family member inside Israeli prisons.

The Prisoners’ Affairs Commission emphasized the importance of supporting prisoners’ families during Ramada, noting that for Palestinian prisoners, their life is not eased during Ramadan but rather face sanctions and repression inside the prisons. They noted that imprisonment is particularly painful when prisoners know their families are gathering together in celebration together, and they are kept apart.

The Palestinian Prisoners Center for Studies urged renewed actions during Ramadan against sanctions imposed on prisoners, including frequent and violent invasions of cells with searches and the ransacking of prisoners’ belongings; bad and improper food; and denying prisoners’ purchases from the canteen (prison store operated by the Israeli prison administration). It urged pressure on the Israeli prison administration to not obstruct the entrance of items like dates and olive oil during the month of Ramadan.

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network sends its warmest greetings as Ramadan begins to all those Palestinian prisoners and their families who celebrate.  We look forward to a day when all Palestinian prisoners – and the entire Palestinian people – may celebrate each holiday and occasion collectively, free from oppression and colonialism, together in liberation.