Arrest raids target Palestinians in Jerusalem, Nablus, refugee camps throughout West Bank

A series of ongoing pre-dawn arrest raids have targeted scores of Palestinians over the past week, especially in Jerusalem and its suburbs and in refugee camps throughout the West Bank.

3dheishehOn Thursday morning, 28 July, in the pre-dawn hours, Israeli occupation forces arrested and detained at least 18 Palestinians. These arrests included an invasion of Dheisheh refugee camp near Bethlehem, where Palestinian youth took to the streets to defend their camp against the invading soldiers; they were fired on with live ammunition, stun grenades, and tear gas.

Three Palestinian young people in Dheisheh camp, all former prisoners, were detained by the invading forces: Hamdi AlAtrash (26), Raghd Shamrukh (20), and Karam Abed Rabbo (24). Meanwhile, in Nablus,

In Nablus a number of former prisoners and students at An-Najah National University, including students active in the Islamic Bloc, were targeted in pre-dawn raids, including former prisoner Abdulrahman Bishtawi, Mujahid Ashour, Amin Alhiliouni, Baraa Thuqan, Fawzi Bashkar, Abdul Rahman Al-Wadi, and student Ehab Ashour were seized and detained by the invading occupation force.

In Shuafat refugee camp, Bassam Alhueini and his brother, Anas Alhueini, were both detained by occupation forces.  In Al-Khalil, four Palestinian young people were seized from the city, while two Palestinians in Qalandiya refugee camp were arrested; one Palestinian was arrested in al-Walaja village.

These detentions followed the mass arrest of 52 Palestinians, including 11 minors, in Jerusalem towns and communities. The mass arrests targeted Jerusalem families one day after 30 Israeli home demolitions destroyed Palestinian homes under the pretext of lack of permission to build.  Ma’an News reported that the arrest campaign was labeled “the 700 campaign” because it involved 700 Israeli occupation police officers.

33 of the detainees were taken from the neighborhood of Silwan. Wadi Hilweh Information Center reported that lawyer Mohammed Mahmoud of Addameer state that the Israeli forces transferred the detainees to Salah Eddin Street police station and Al-Maskobyeh, naming the Silwan detainees as:

Emran Amer Abu Sbeih, 14
Mohammad Issa Qutob, 14
Ibrahim Tamer Dandis, 16
Mohammad Salaymeh, 15
Mohammad Yousef Sharaf, 17
Sharif Emad Abu Mayaleh, 17
Taha Fawzi Abu Tayeh, 17
Jihad Nader Bazlameet, 17
Odai Samer Abu Tayeh, 17
Ammar Issa Atyeh, 17
Malek Abed Hamdan, 19
Mutasem Mohammad Abu Tayeh, 21
Riad Basem Abu Diab, 39
Karim Ishaq Abu Tayeh, 28
Mohammad Ibrahim Awwad, 33
Ahmad Tamer Dandis, 18
Ayoub Mousa Abbasi, 20
Fathi Khaled Njadeh Naser, 20
Abed Izz Barbar, 18
Ahmad Nader Bazlameet, 21
Amir Majed Najdi, 18
Ala’ Fawwaz Khatib, 21
Yousef Daoud Abbasi, 23
Khalil Khalaf Odeh, 21
Mousa Maher Jaber, 17
Ziad Kayed Hijazi, 27
Muntaser Yousef Shyoukhi, 25
Jamal Faraj Da’na, 22
Mansour Yousef Shyoukhi, 24
Rabee’ Omar Bashir, 29
Haron Rweidat, 17
Hasan Mohammad Rweidi, 19
Mohammad Ramadan Shallodi, 25

fadi-issawiThroughout the week at least nine Palestinian young people, including five minors between the age of 15 and 17, were arrested by Israeli forces in Issawiya, on allegations that they threw stones at Israeli police patrols and colonial settlers traveling to the illegal Ma’ale Adumim settlement built on Palestinian land.

One of the Palestinian minors arrested in the ongoing raids on Issawiya village is Fadi Raafat Issawi, 15, the son of Raafat Issawi and the nephew of Shireen, Samer and Medhat Issawi, all currently imprisoned in Israeli jails. Fadi was arrested and beaten by undercover Israeli occupation officers in Issawiyeh, Jerusalem. He was interrogated for 12 hours without parents or a lawyer before his parents were informed that he was in the hospital with broken shoulder bones. He remains under occupation custody, injured.