Mahmoud and Mohammed Balboul continue hunger strike after “suspension” of detention by Supreme Court; al-Qadi moved to intensive care

mohammed-balboulThe Israeli Supreme Court ordered the administrative detention of Palestinian hunger striking brothers, Mohammed and Mahmoud al-Balboul, suspended today, 7 September 2016. The Balboul brothers announced their rejection of the suspension of their administrative detention and the continuation of their hunger strike.

“Suspension” of administrative detention due to medical condition was also applied in the case of Mohammed Allan, Palestinian lawyer and hunger striker who sought to leave the hospital following his treatment only to be returned to detention; he was then released in an agreement. Mohammed and Mahmoud received multiple visitors and spoke with their mother via telephone from Wolfson and Assaf Harofen hospitals; both confirmed that they are continuing their hunger strike for the end of their administrative detention, not merely the suspension of the most restrictive aspects of their confinement due to their urgent health situation.

Mohammed Balboul, 26, and Mahmoud Balboul, 21, have been on hunger strike since 7 July and 4 July, respectively. The two brothers have been imprisoned without charge or trial since 9 June when they were arrested in a pre-dawn violent raid on their family home by Israeli occupation soldiers. For the past five days, Mohammed has suffered from a loss of vision due to the medical consequences of his strike.

In addition, Malik al-Qadi, 20, a journalism student at Al-Quds University, has been on hunger strike for 51 days against his own imprisonment without charge or trial under administrative detention. He was moved to intensive care in Wolfson hospital after a serious deterioration in his health on Wednesday night.

Protests are growing in support of the hunger strikers. Marchers in Bethlehem and in Qalqilya demanded the release of the three strikers, three of 750 Palestinians held without charge or trial in Israeli jails. Tomorrow, the PFLP Palestinian Prisoners Committee and Mohja Jerusalem Foundation will hold a protest at 11:00 am in Gaza City, while a protest will also take place in Berlin, Germany on Friday demanding the strikers’ release.