UK protests demand freedom for Palestinian political prisoners, end to British war profiteering

The Revolutionary Communist Group/Fight Racism Fight Imperialism! organized a series of events and public actions in solidarity with Ahmad Sa’adat throughout the UK on 13-15 January as part of the International Days of Action to Free Ahmad Sa’adat and All Palestinian Prisoners. The RCG produced the following report on their public actions and events in London (Brixton and Whitechapel), Manchester and Glasgow calling for freedom for Palestinian prisoners and building the boycott of Israel. Protests specifically targeted Barclays Bank for its investment in British and Israeli war industries:




In Britain, RCG (Revolutionary Communist Group) and Samidoun supporters helped organise a day of protest on 14 January as part of an international day action for the release of Ahmed Sa’adat and all Palestinian political prisoners. South London RCG held a street meeting in Brixton, raising awareness of the case of Sa’adat and other Palestinian political prisoners while activists in the East London neighbourhood of Whitechapel led an open mic sound system. Manchester Boycott Israel Group activists led a picket of Barclays bank on Market Street as part of a protest linking the prisoners’ struggle to the wider fight against war and racism. The street action called for the release the prisoners and and exposed British imperialist intervention in the Middle East. Barclays is symbolic of that warmongering, investing in BAE Systems, Raytheon and Boeing, all companies who provide arms to Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, directly fuelling wars on Palestinian, Syrian, Kurdish, Iraqi, Yemeni and Afghan people. Waving the flags of Palestine and Syria, the picket was well received by the public, showing that the campaign for BDS has resonance with other issues.

In Scotland, supporters took to the streets of Glasgow with Palestine flags flying proudly in the wind and placards declaring solidarity with the liberation struggle, activists received wide support from the passing public, taking to the megaphone and chalking the streets to highlight the ongoing fight for justice and dignity by those trapped within the occupation’s dungeons. The criminal role of the British government in comrade Sa’adat’s arrest was made clear. Activists from the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign were also out on the street, continuing their campaign against Barclays and its investments in Israeli military technology, for which several SPSC campaigners have been arrested.

The RCG stands for the release of all political prisoners of imperialism, from Ahmad Sa’adat to Mumia Abu-Jamal, and will continue to take the streets, inspired by their resistance. We call on all BDS supporters to join us to build campaigns stand with all Palestinian prisoners leading the fight against Zionism and imperialism and for a better world.

Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!