Palestinian refugees protesting in Sweden confront police repression

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network strongly supports the struggle of Palestinian refugees in Sweden to claim their rights and fight against unjust denial of residency permits. European migration and asylum policies, including in Sweden, continue to revictimize Palestinians who are already denied their fundamental rights by Israeli colonialism and occupation and have been denied their right to return to their original homes and lands in Palestine for over 72 years. We affirm the slogan: Right to flee, right to stay, right to return! Yesterday’s police attack against Palestinian refugees in Sweden is another manifestation of anti-Palestinian repression that aims to undermine Palestinians’ right to live and organize. The following report is translated from the original Swedish statement by Samidoun Gothenburg:

Photo: Demonstration in Gothenburg in support of the Palestinian refugees on Saturday, 29 February 2020.

Yesterday, 6 May, Palestinian refugees in Gothenburg, Sweden, protested as they have done in various forms since the beginning of January of this year against the inhumane treatment they have faced by the Swedish migration authorities and for their right to security and dignity.

Palestinian refugees maintained their peaceful protests through a sit-in/standing demonstration outside the immigration agency’s offices in Gothenburg and through a limited traffic blockade at Brunnsparken. However, Palestinian refugees’ protests were met by police repression, violence, arrests and ongoing assaults, later in collaboration with local security guards. The detained Palestinian refugees were released later in the day, but the violent approach of the police indicates clearly the position of the Swedish state authorities. At the same time, the Palestinian refugees made clear that the fight for freedom and justice cannot be locked down.

Some clips from yesterday have been shared here, at the Facebook page maintained by Palestinian refugees advocating for their rights in Sweden:

From Israeli bombs and concrete walls to Swedish bureaucrats and batons – anti-Palestinian repression is international and must be met with international solidarity! Follow the pages Palestinian Refugees Rights in Sweden and Palestiniers asylsökande manifestation och sittstrejk for more detailed, up-to-the-minute reports on the struggle of Palestinian refugees. We demand media, politicians and social and political organizations pay attention to their important fight for freedom, security and dignity and express our support for the struggling Palestinian refugees!

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