Samidoun Netherlands holds Palestine Stand for Ahmad Sa’adat in Amsterdam

On Saturday, 22 January, Samidoun Nederland organized a Palestine stand next to a busy marketplace in Amsterdam-West. The stand was part of the international week of action to free Ahmad Sa’adat, the imprisoned General Secretary of the PFLP.

This initiative was a part of the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the arrest of the Palestinian leader by the Palestinian Authority on 15 January 2002 as part of its “security coordination” with Israel. Supporting the immediate release of Ahmad Sa’adat is part of supporting the release of all Palestinian prisoners, but it is also supporting the legitimacy of the resistance of the Palestinian people against the Zionist state while denouncing the criminal complicity of the Palestinian Authority with the occupation regime.

Besides calling for the liberation of Sa’adat and the 4650 other Palestinian political prisoners, the activists handed out flyers calling for a boycott of Israeli products and companies that support and profit off the colonization of Palestine.

Organizers disseminated stickers, collected donations and created a mailing list with sympathizers to stay up to date with Samidoun activities. Many market visitors and shoppers talked with the Samidoun activists and expressed their support for the Palestinian cause. Some people expressed their disdain for the Palestinian Authority and Mahmoud Abbas for their cooperation with Israel. Others talked with organizers about the role of the Palestinian prisoners movement in the Palestinian national liberation struggle.

Samidoun Nederland will organize more events in support of the liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea. Contact Samidoun Nederland to get involved, or reach out to Samidoun Network to get involved in your local area outside of The Netherlands.