Samidoun statement to Berlin demonstration against police repression

Samidoun in Berlin participated in a demonstration on Friday, 27 May against police repression. The demonstration, organized together with leftist German, Turkish and Kurdish groups, challenged a series of repressive acts by Berlin police throughout May, including multiple bans on Palestinian demonstrations, attacks on Kurdish protests and the Revolutionary May 1 march and bans on Soviet flags at the commemoration of the victory over fascism on May 8.

A Samidoun comrade delivered the following speech to the rally:

Dear comrades, warm greetings to all of you.

First of all, on behalf of Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network, I would like to greet all political prisoners in Germany, prisoner Georges Ibrahim Abdallah in France and the political prisoners imprisoned in Turkey, Greece, the Philippines and in the prisons of the Arab regimes.

We all stand here, Arabs, Kurds, Turks and Germans, students and workers, believing in our international struggle and the justice of the struggles of our peoples. We are fighting together against oppression, united in an international coalition that opposes the brutality and violence of the German police and the apparatus of oppression and systematic state terror against our struggle. We stand united in the face of these attempts to prevent us from exercising our most basic rights, namely to express our opinions in a country that claims to be democratic!

This terror, repression and violence carried out by the police and the government are nothing but a blatant expression of these institutions’ fear of the voices of justice, freedom and resistance.

I would like to express some positions on behalf of Samidoun Network and the Masar Badil, the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement:

*Despite the policy of isolation, repression and terror, we at Samidoun Network promise the political prisoners and our Palestinian people that we will continue the struggle and mobilization because of our absolute belief in justice and freedom. We say to Israel and Germany: today, after all these attacks, we are stronger and more robust and we are building our revolutionary experiences, which enables us to continue the struggle and not to capitulate and succumb to the policies of European occupation and colonialism.

* The classification of the Samidoun network as a “terrorist organization” by the Zionist occupation will not change our positions in the slightest. Rather, we say that the real terrorist is the terrorism of the state, the police, colonialism and its instruments, and that it must be countered with revolutionary actions. As for resistance in all its forms, it is continuous and in constant development, and it is the right of the Palestinian people and all oppressed peoples.

“Palestine will be free, from the river to the sea!” is for us not only a slogan of justice and liberation and confrontation with Zionism and imperialism. The liberation of Palestine, all of Palestine, from the river to the sea, is a project that we work on every day and it is not just mere words. We believe that our Palestinian people will continue to struggle until victory, return and liberation.

* We invite all of you and all progressive and revolutionary forces in Germany and Europe to participate as broadly as possible in the alliance against repression, to oppose this repression and violence and to provide an opportunity for the unity and collective work of all revolutionary forces.

We repeat what the prisoner Georges Ibrahim Abdallah said: Together we are victorious, and we are victorious only together.

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