Samidoun to participate in International League of Peoples’ Struggle 5th Assembly in Canada

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network is preparing for its participation in the 5th Assembly of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle in Canada. In addition to joining other organizers for Palestine and global justice movements on a series of panels and workshops, it is organizing a meeting for chapters and supporters throughout Canada to strategize about Samidoun’s work to struggle internationally to support the liberation of Palestinian political prisoners.

The meeting will also discuss the boycott movement as well as the campaign of solidarity with the Lebanese Communist struggler imprisoned in France, Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, and Palestinian and Arab prisoners in imperialist and reactionary regime prisons.

Samidoun has been a part of the ILPS since Samidoun’s founding around 10 years ago. As a member of the ILPS, Samidoun works to confront U.S. imperialism and expose the ongoing crimes of the colonial occupier against Palestinian prisoners in Zionist jails. Through the ILPS, Samidoun builds its relationships with organizations and movements challenging U.S. and Canadian imperialism, especially building ties to strengthen the movement to liberate political prisoners in occupied Palestine, the Philippines and everywhere around the world.

In 2015, Mohammed Khatib, coordinator of Samidoun in Europe, participated in the international assembly of the ILPS in Manila, the Philippines, joining in the establishment of the Palestine-Philippines Friendship Association and many global campaigns for solidarity with political prisoners around the world, especially in the Philippines, occupied Palestine and India.

The ILPS includes about 350 parties, organizations and international associations that works to confront imperialism and militarism around the world, challenging hegemony, economic and political domination internationally while confronting racism, colonialism and repression in each country, especially attacks on the rights of the popular and working classes, migrants and refugees .

The conference discusses the reality of Canadian imperialism as a primary strategic partner of the American empire, and highlights the role of Canadian companies in exploiting and plundering the wealth of Indigenous peoples, as well as in Asia, Africa and Latin America, while giving exceptional importance to the liberation struggle and comprehensive resistance in the Philippines and occupied Palestine.

Speakers at the conference will also include Hanna Kawas, president of the Canada Palestine Association, speaking about Canadian imperialism and Palestine, historically and at present, and Palestinian writer Khaled Barakat, co-founder of the Masar Badil, the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement, speaking about Indigenous struggle internationally, alongside urban indigenous organizer Natalie Knight.

This conference is taking place as Palestinian writer Barakat and Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network are confronting Zionist campaigns of harassment and anti-Palestinian racism in Canada. The Canada Palestine Association in Vancouver is organizing campaign in solidarity with Samidoun and Palestinians targeted for repression in the face of smear campaigns that aim to criminalize the Palestinian resistance and the Palestine solidarity movement.

Follow this link to learn more and register for the conference