Kick Out Apartheid: Campaigning for justice in sport for Palestine as the World Cup begins

As the World Cup begins, Samidoun is part of a growing global campaign to demand FIFA take action to hold the Israeli occupation accountable for its ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people, including Palestinian sport. The campaign also aims to support anti-normalization efforts in support and boost sports boycott campaigns as well as #BoycottPuma and related actions in the sports world.

Visit the campaign page at Kick Out Apartheid. 

It’s time to score a goal for Palestine!

Israel has violated the principles of FIFA in a variety of ways that would normally warrant disciplinary actions and even a suspension of its membership. However, the politics of FIFA have prevented the organization in the past from taking such action. Its internal by-laws have even been amended to make it more difficult for the Palestine Football Association (PFA) to demand such action. Consequently, it is now the responsibility of civil society to apply the popular pressure necessary to bring this about.

Sportspeople from around the world are wearing wristbands for Palestine and raising the Palestinian flag to show their solidarity throughout the 2022 World Cup. Join us to take action.

One part of the campaign draws attention to the imprisonment of Palestinian children, especially as they are prevented from either viewing the World Cup or playing sport with friends due to occupation and colonialism.

Palestinian children are routinely denied the right to play or even the right to live freely. There are nearly 200 Palestinian children in Israeli occupation prisons right now, and every year, almost 700 kids are brought before occupation military courts.

This year, as you watch the World Cup, it’s time to take a stand for these Palestinian children, kids like 16 year old Shadi Khoury, a team captain and avid soccer fan, who are being beaten and imprisoned without charge.

“I was hoping Shadi would be with us for the World Cup which starts on the 20th. As a football player (soccer), team captain, and a fan, this was a great event for him which we were planning to watch together. Unfortunately, we heard from the lawyer yesterday that the court session will take place on the 23rd. So please continue to hold him and all the children prisoners in your prayers, especially when you are watching the World Cup.”

—Samia Khoury, Shadi’s grandmother

To join this aspect of the campaign, click here to tweet #SoccerNotCells.

To endorse the campaign, click here. Follow the campaign at the Kick Out Apartheid website.