Week of Action to Free Ahmad Sa’adat launches with global events and actions: Over 210 organizations endorse the campaign

This poster was created by artist Manu Scordia for the Week of Action to Free Ahmad Sa’adat and all Palestinian prisoners.

With the support of over 215 organizations from more than 30 countries, the Week of Action to Free Ahmad Sa’adat and All Palestinian Prisoners launched on Saturday, 14 January 2023. Marking the 21st anniversary of the imprisonment of Sa’adat, a prominent Palestinian national leader and the General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, by the Palestinian Authority — and later, by the Israeli occupation regime — the events of the week highlight the struggle of Palestinian prisoners on the front lines of the liberation struggle. Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network urges all who stand with Palestine and justice for the Palestinian people to join us in the week.

Read below for a full list of endorsers as well as multiple upcoming events and actions in cities and communities around the world. Contact us at samidoun@samidoun.net to let us know about your events! 

Confronting Deportation, Medical Neglect, Administrative Detention and the Imprisonment of the Martyrs

In Manchester, Britain, Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! and the Revolutionary Communist Group organized a stand and speak-out for Ahmad Sa’adat and the Palestinian prisoners on 14 January. To get involved with more actions in support of the prisoners, contact the new Samidoun Manchester Facebook Page.

On Sunday, 15 January, Samidoun Deutschland joined international revolutionaries and organizers to march in the annual Liebknecht-Luxemburg Demo in Berlin. Every year, thousands of marchers mark the anniversary of the assassination of Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg and the ongoing international revolutionary struggle against capitalism and imperialism with a large demonstration through Berlin.

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Youth activists in Stuttgart, Germany gathered to take solidarity photos and demand freedom for Ahmad Sa’adat and all Palestinian prisoners, including Georges Abdallah jailed in France.

In Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Samidoun Netherlands posters appeared on the streets urging freedom for Ahmad Sa’adat, honouring Nasser Abu Hmeid, urging the Holy Land 5 be freed in the U.S., and calling for the freedom of Georges Abdallah, the Lebanese revolutionary imprisoned for 38 years in France:

In the Bagatelle neighborhood of Toulouse, France, the Collectif Palestine Vaincra hung posters and stickers on 15 January calling for the liberation of Sa’adat and urging supporters of Palestine to attend the two upcoming events in Toulouse — on 19 January and 21 January — for Palestine:

Earlier, the Collectif Palestine Vaincra postered and distributed leaflets at Toulouse University Jean-Jaures, inviting students to attend the upcoming events:

On 14 January, Samidoun Paris Banlieue organized a Palestine stand at Aubervilliers market in support of Palestine and the week of action, distributing flyers and materials about the campaign to free Ahmad Sa’adat to passers-by:

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Later that day on 14 January, CAPJPO-EuroPalestine organized a protest despite significant rain in Paris, gathering people together for a stand and demonstration in solidarity with the Palestinian people, highlighting the 12 Palestinians killed by the occupation in 2023 and the struggle of Palestinian political prisoners.

In the late afternoon of 14 January in Paris, the Unitary Campaign to Free Georges Abdallah held a rally for the liberation of Ahmad Sa’adat, Walid Daqqa, Georges Abdallah and all Palestinian prisoners outside Menilmontant metro station:

In Paris, members of AFPS Paris-Sud and the Collectif Boycott Apartheid Israel – Paris Banlieue took solidarity photos in support of the week of action to free Ahmad Sa’adat on 12 January:

In Voiron, France, Libérons Georges Abdallah 38 organized a table with information on Palestine, the case of Ahmad Sa’adat and the struggle to free Georges Abdallah at a series of meetings to challenge the extreme right on 14 January.

In Dunkerque, members of AFPS 59/62 and the CGT trade union showed their solidarity with Ahmad Sa’adat, the Palestinian prisoners and the Palestinian liberation struggle at their meeting on Friday, 13 January:

In Clermont-Ferrand, members of AFPS 63 took solidarity photos in support of Ahmad Sa’adat and all Palestinian prisoners, and are preparing for an upcoming event on 24 January in solidarity with Palestine (listed below):

Activists in Bordeaux and Tarbes, France, also posted stickers and posters in their cities to highlight the campaign to free Ahmad Sa’adat, Georges Abdallah and all Palestinian prisoners.

The Ligue de la Jeunesse Révolutionnaire in Lyon highlighted banners posted in the city to demand freedom for Ahmad Sa’adat and Georges Abdallah:

The Collectif Liberté pour Georges Abdallah 74 held a screening of “Fedayin” in Annecy on Sunday, 15 January as part of the wee of action. 

In Bergamo, Italy, Giovani Palestinesi d’Italia (Young Palestinians of Italy) posted signs calling for the freedom of Sa’adat and all prisoners in Italian and Arabic:

Radiazione Radio in Napoli, Italy also published an interview on 10 January with a Collectif Palestine Vaincra member who spoke about the week of action.

In Brussels, Belgium, the Plate-forme Charleroi-Palestine participated in an event in support of workers at Forges de Clabecq, where workers are mobilizing for $25 million in wages and unpaid debts. Workers and organizers at the event expressed their solidarity with Ahmad Sa’adat and all Palestinian prisoners, including Silvio Marra, one of the leaders of the Clabecq struggle in the 1990s.

In Marchienne-au-Pont, Belgium, supporters of Palestine and the Plate-forme Charleroi-Palestine gathered with a banner calling for the liberation of Sa’adat:

In Athens, Greece, Samidoun Europe coordinator Mohammed Khatib joined the Anti-Imperialist Front for a press conference and celebration of the liberation of 11 revolutionary prisoners from Turkey who had been jailed in Greece. They had gone on hunger strike for 96 days to demand their freedom, and Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network joins our comrades in the Anti-Imperialist Front in saluting their victory.

In New York City, antiwar activists and organizers marched from Times Square on 14 January in a march against NATO and U.S. wars organized by the ANSWER Coalition, following a People’s Speakout organized by Struggle – La Lucha on war, racism and poverty on 13 January.

In Vancouver, posters are on the streets urging people to join the event on 18 January calling for freedom for Sa’adat and his fellow Palestinian prisoners:

Organizations have issued statements in support of the campaign to free Ahmad Sa’adat and all Palestinian prisoners, a campaign that is particularly relevant at a time that Zionist forces are escalating the attack on the Palestinian resistance and the prisoners’ movement.

CODEPINK created a set of slides in support of Ahmad Sa’adat:

Swedish socialist and anti-imperialist organization Clarté endorsed the week of action, issuing a statement, and The Communist Party of Sweden affirmed its support for the cause:

Ang Bayan, the revolutionary newspaper of the Philippines, published a discussion of the week that highlighted the role of Ahmad Sa’adat and the Palestinian prisoners in the liberation movement.

Madison 4 Palestine posted a solidarity statement urging the liberation of Ahmad Sa’adat and Palestinian political prisoners:

The Collectif 69 de Soutien Peuple Palestinien issued a statement in support of the campaign:

Saoradh, the revolutionary Irish political party, issued a statement in support of the week of action to free Ahmad Sa’adat and all Palestinian prisoners.

Éirígí, the Irish republican socialist party is organizing a demonstration for Ahmad Sa’adat and the Palestinian prisoners on 16 January (details below):

The Freedom Road Socialist Organization issued a statement calling for the release of Sa’adat: “The Palestinian revolution will continue until victory. The Zionist regime exists on stolen land and borrowed time. We demand and end to all U.S. aid to Israel, and we stand in solidarity with all those struggling for a liberated Palestine.”

The Resistance News Network issued a statement with graphics calling for the liberation of Sa’adat. RNN provides up-to-date translated information from the Palestinian resistance; to subscribe to their Telegram feed, click here.


 List of participating organizations

  • ACTA
  • Action Antifasciste Deux-Sèvres
  • Action Antifasciste Paris Banlieue
  • Action Antifasciste Tolosa
  • AFPS 59/62
  • AFPS Gentilly
  • AFPS 63
  • Africa4Palestine
  • Al-Awda, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition
  • Alkarama (Movimiento de Mujeres Palestina)
  • Al Yudur Juventud Palestina (Spanish State)
  • ANC (Association Nationale de Communistes)
  • Anti Imperialist Action Ireland
  • Anti Imperialist Front
  • Anti-War Committee – Minnesota
  • ARENE (Association des ResidEnts de NanterrE)
  • Asilu Collective
  • Associação Árabe Palestina – Brasília
  • Asociación Americana de Juristas
  • Asociación Al Awda
  • Asociación Al Nakba
  • Asociación Canaan
  • Asociación Salvadoreña Palestina
  • Association for Investment in Popular Action Committees
  • ATIK (Confederation of workers from Turkey in Europe)
  • Aveg-KON
  • Baltimore Nonviolence Center
  • BAYAN Canada
  • BDS Boston
  • BDS – ULB
  • BDS Vancouver/Coast Salish Territories
  • Belgian Academics for Palestine
  • Black Alliance for Peace
  • Black Alliance for Peace Solidarity Network
  • Boykot Israel – Denmark
  • Bruxelles Panthères
  • Bryn Mawr Peace Coalition
  • CADHU (Centro de Abogades por los Derechos Humanos), Argentina
  • Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa’adat
  • Canada Palestine Association
  • Canada-Philippines Solidarity Organization
  • Canada Philippine Solidarity for Human Rights (CPSHR)
  • Canadian Arab Society of London
  • Canadian BDS Coalition
  • CAPJPO – EuroPalestine
  • Casa Palestina Argentina
  • CCIPPP34 (Campagne Civile Internationale pour la Protection du Peuple Palestinien 34)
  • Center for the Study and Preservation of Palestine – Portland
  • Century of the Child
  • Chicago Committee for Human Rights
  • Citizens International
  • Cleveland Chapter of Irish Northern Aid
  • Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid – Victoria
  • Colectividad Palestina de Bolivia
  • Col.lectiu Intifada
  • Collectif 32 pour la libération de Georges Abdallah
  • Collectif 65 pour la libération de Georges Abdallah
  • Collectif 69 de soutien au peuple palestinien
  • Collectif 74 pour la Libération de Georges Abdallah (CLGA74)
  • Collectif Action Palestine Neuchâtel Suisse
  • Collectif Boycott Apartheid Israël – Paris Banlieue
  • Collectif de soutien à la résistance palestinienne 59
  • Collectif Libérons Georges Abdallah 38
  • Collectif Palestine Vaincra
  • Collectif Sud Global
  • Collettivo Politico Comunista Levente
  • Comité de Défense des Internés des Camps du Sud (Algérie)
  • Comité de soutien pour la libération de Musa Aşoğlu
  • Comité solidarité Georges Abdallah Lille
  • Comité Solidarité Pérou
  • Comité tunisien pour la libération de Georges Abdallah
  • Comhlamh Justice for Palestine(CJ4P)
  • Comunità islamica di Bologna
  • Confederación Intersindical (del País Valencià)
  • Confederación Intersindical Galega (CIG)
  • Contre Attaque
  • Cork Palestine Solidarity Campaign
  • Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo
  • Couserans Palestine
  • Crystal Palace Friends of Palestine
  • CUNY 4 Palestine
  • Dar al Janub – Union for Antiracism and Peace Policy
  • Delphi Initiative (Defend Democracy Press)
  • Early Childhood Development Intercultural Partnerships
  • Éirígí – For a New Republic
  • Eritrea Tour for Friendship
  • ESK sindikatua
  • Federación Árabe Brasil
  • Federación Palestina de América Latina
  • Fédération Anarchiste (Belgium)
  • Fédération Syndicale Étudiante
  • Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!
  • Florida Palestine Network
  • Free Palestine Halifax
  • Free Palestine Movement
  • Freedom Road Socialist Organizaion
  • Frente Antiimperialista Internacionalista
  • Fundação Cultural Colombo Palestino
  • Fundación Comunidad Palestina Guatemala
  • Galizan People’s Union-UPG
  • Génération Jul
  • Ghassan Kanafani Front for Resistance and Solidarity with Palestine
  • Giovani Palestinesi d’Italia (Young Palestinians of Italy)
  • Global Campaign to Return to Palestine
  • Global Peace Alliance BC Society
  • Good Shepherd Collective
  • Groupe Antifasciste Lyon et Environs
  • Handala Center for Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners
  • Handalas föreningen
  • Healing our Homeland
  • Instituto Brasil Palestina – IBRASPAL
  • IJAN. International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network /Spain
  • Interfaith for Palestine
  • International Action Center
  • International Center for Palestine Studies
  • International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal
  • International IPMSDL
  • International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) Canada
  • International Republican Socialist Network
  • International Solidarity Movement – Northern California
  • Jericho Boston
  • Jeune Garde Antifasciste
  • Jeunes Communistes des Bouches-du-Rhône
  • Jeunes pour la Palestine – Nantes
  • Jewish Network for Palestine
  • Jews for Palestinian Right of Return
  • Just Peace Advocates
  • Justice for Palestinians, Calgary
  • JVP Central Ohio Chapter
  • Kairos Sabeel Netherlands
  • Kenya Palestine Solidarity Movement
  • Kia Ora Gaza
  • Knocknacarra Palestine Network
  • Labor for Palestine
  • Lauren Faith Smith Ministry for Nonviolence
  • Let Kashmir Decide
  • Libérons Georges 33
  • Lotta
  • Louisiana Workers Voice Socialist Movement
  • Madison for Palestine
  • Maine Voices for Palestinian Rights
  • Manchester Palestine Action
  • Mar de Lumes – Comité Galego de Solidariedade Internacionalista
  • Masar Badil – Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement
  • Media Review Network (MRN)
  • Mouvement Citoyens Palestine
  • Mouvement de la Paix – Vénissieux
  • Movimento dos Trabalhadores Sem Terra – MST (Landless Workers’ Movement – Brazil)
  • MRAP Montpellier
  • MST en el Frente de Izquierda Unidad
  • Muslim Community Helpline
  • Nakba Tour
  • National Arab American Women’s Association (NAAWA)
  • National Campaign for the Liberation of Georges Abdallah (Lebanon)
  • National Jericho Movement
  • National Lawyers Guild International Committee
  • National Students for Justice in Palestine (NSJP)
  • Netzwerk Freiheit für alle politischen Gefangenen
  • Nevadans for Palestinian Liberation
  • Nevadans for Palestinian Liberation – UNLV
  • New York City Jericho Amnesty Movement
  • NH Veterans for Peace
  • Niagara Movement for Justice (NMJPI)
  • North NJ DSA BDS and Palestine Solidarity Working Group
  • NPA (Nouveau Parti anticapitaliste) 31
  • NPA 32
  • NPA Saint Nazaire
  • Oakland Jericho
  • Oakville Palestinian Rights Association
  • Occupy Bergen County
  • One State Assembly
  • Organisation Communiste Libertaire
  • Orléans Loiret Palestine
  • Palestina Rossa
  • Palestine Children’s Welfare Committee
  • Palestinian and Jewish Unity (PAJU)
  • Palestinian Youth Movement
  • Palestinska Samordningsgruppen – Göteborg
  • Partnership for Earth Spirituality
  • Peace Alliance Winnipeg
  • People Against Apartheid and Fascism (PAAF)
  • Plate-forme Charleroi-Palestine
  • Popular Democratic Party (Lebanon)
  • Portland War Resisters League
  • Proletarische Jugend Hamburg
  • Queer Palestinian Empowerment Network
  • Radical Solidarity
  • Rasfilmproductions
  • Regina Peace Council
  • Resistance Festival
  • Résistance et Solidarité
  • Resist US-led war Seattle
  • Resumen Latinoamericano
  • Révolution Permanente
  • Revolutionaire Eenheid
  • Revolutionary Communist Group
  • Rock Against the Fascist State
  • Saoradh, Revolutionary Irish Republican Party
  • Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network
  • Santa Feans for Justice in Palestine
  • Scottish Republican Socialist Movement
  • Secours Rouge International
  • Secours Rouge Montréal
  • Secours Rouge Toulouse
  • SELFOP (Southeast London and Lewisham Friends of Palestine)
  • Serena Shim Award
  • SKB (Union of Socialist Women)
  • Socialist Action
  • Solidarity International, Germany (Solidarität International)
  • Stop the War Machine
  • Students for Justice in Palestine, New York University, Abu Dhabi
  • Students for Justice in Palestine – UW Madison
  • Students United for Palestinian Equality and Return – UW
  • Sulong UBC
  • Svenska Clartéförbundet
  • Syria Support Movement
  • Temple Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP)
  • The Bahraini Society Against Normalisation with Zionist Enemy
  • Toronto Raging Grannies
  • Tunisian Youth Movement -حركة الشباب التونسي
  • UDIRS 30 (Union Départementale Interprofessionnelle des retraités de Solidaires)
  • UJDL (Lebanese Union of Democratic Youth – Union des Jeunes Démocrates Libanais)
  • Unadikum association
  • Ung Vänster Göteborg & Bohuslän
  • Union Communiste Libertaire
  • Unión de Jóvenes Venezuela
  • Union Juive Française pour la Paix (UJFP)
  • Union Locale CGT Annecy & ses Environs
  • Unión Palestina de América Latina
  • Unité Communiste
  • United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC)
  • UPML (Union Prolétarienne marxiste-léniniste)
  • US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel
  • V-SB
  • Verdes Equo Cantabria
  • Veterans For Peace
  • Within Our Lifetime – United for Palestine
  • Workers World Party
  • Yeni Demokratik Gençlik – YDG
  • Young Struggle
  • Youth Against War & Racism
  • Youth Front for Palestine

Events during the Week of Action

This is only a preliminary list of events! Events will be shortly announced in Brussels, Athens, Vienna, Berlin and a number of other cities. Please do send us your events to samidoun@samidoun.net and we will include them in the next set of actions! The United National Antiwar Coalition in the United States — an endorsing organization of the Week of Action — has called for actions between 13-22 January against U.S. wars and imperialism. We urge people to attend these events and bring signs and banners for the liberation of Palestine — they are very welcome at these actions!

Monday, 16 January

Tralee, County Kerry
1:15 PM
Free all Palestinian Prisoners! Rally in support of Ahmad Sa’adat
The Mall, Tralee (By Penneys)
Info: https://twitter.com/eirigi1916/status/1613595054379073536

Wednesday, 18 January

Madrid (Online Event)
7 PM Madrid (8 pm Palestine, 2 pm Caracas, 3 pm Buenos Aires)
Webinar on the case of Ahmad Sa’adat (in Spanish) with Carmen Parejo and Inaki Gil de San Vicente
Watch live on YouTube: https://youtube.com/samidounnetwork
Info: https://twitter.com/samidounspain/status/1614706954131095555

7 PM
Solidarity Evening for Palestine: Free Ahmad Sa’adat and all Palestinian Prisoners
1803 E 1st Ave, Vancouver
Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/2381061388719694

Thursday, 19 January

7 PM
Boycott M&S! Free All Palestinian Prisoners!
M&S Marble Arch, 458 Oxford St, London
Info: https://www.instagram.com/p/CnVSsNCNcwE/

7 PM
Soirée-débat : Palestine, résistance et solidarité
Bourse du Travail, 19 Pl. Saint-Sernin, 31000 Toulouse, France
Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/957390488573152/

Saturday, 21 January

2 PM
Solidarieit met Ahmad Sa’adat!
Kruisplein, Rotterdam
Info: https://www.instagram.com/p/CnO3Zq4IXoZ/

1 PM
Kundgebung zur Befreiung von Ahmad Sa’adat und allen palästinensischen Gefangenen!
Steindamm Ecke Adenaueralle (Vor der Apotheke/Hauptbahnhof)
Info: https://political-prisoners.net/hh-kundgebung-zur-befreiung-von-ahmad-saadat-und-allen-palaestinensischen-gefangenen/

3 PM
Solidaritet med det kämpande Palestina
Marx Engelshuset, Fjärde långgatan 8, Göteborg
Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/780248553091718/

2 PM
Boycott Tour: Boycott PUMA!
Metro Esquirol, Toulouse
Info: https://twitter.com/Collectif_PV/status/1613468097129709568?t=xnHYdxY8KtMioMfaLB-0NQ&s=19

5:30 PM
Freedom for Palestinian Prisoners!
Plaza Santo Domingo, Murcia
Info: https://www.instagram.com/p/CneS9VDKB-k/

Sunday, 22 January

2 PM
Demonstration to Free Ahmad Manasra
Israeli Consulate, 2 Bloor St E, Toronto
Info: https://www.instagram.com/p/CnNDFpJp0f5/

2 PM
Rally and Banner Drop
Yesler Terrace, Seattle
Info: https://www.instagram.com/p/CnccUIbvQ5D/

1 PM
Rally at City Hall or Ahmad Manasra
City Hall, Philadelphia
Info: https://www.instagram.com/p/CnfQEf4JoR2/

1 PM
Raise Your Flag Car Rally
Parc Lafontaine, Montreal
Info: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cne3mDIu1qf/

Tuesday, 24 January

4 PM
Tractage pour la libération d’Ahmad Sa’adat et de tous les prisonniers politiques palestiniens
Tram UNIVERSITES, Clermont-Ferrand

On 14-24 January 2023, join our collective call for the freedom of Ahmad Sa’adat and all Palestinian prisoners, with action and global solidarity to escalate the boycott of Israel, end aid and support to Israel, organize for justice in Palestine and resist imperialism and colonialism. 

Take action! 

  1. Organize events, actions and protests to demand freedom for Ahmad Sa’adat and all Palestinian prisoners! Protest in public squares and other open community spaces. Note that these dates are also the anniversary of Israel’s bloody “Cast Lead” attack on Gaza in 2008-2009 –we urge you to include both in your event. Email us at samidoun@samidoun.net to inform us about your events or actions.
  2. Highlight the key themes of this year’s campaign: Deportation, Medical Neglect, Administrative Detention and the Imprisonment of the Martyrs. Share information on your social media pages, and discuss these issues in your public events and demonstrations.
  3. Join the social media campaign. Post a photo or a video with a message calling for freedom for Ahmad Sa’adat and his fellow Palestinian prisoners and the hashtag #FreeAhmadSaadat. You can use the posters below. Send us your photo by emailing us at samidoun@samidoun.net or contacting us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.
  4. Include Ahmad Sa’adat and the Palestinian prisoners in your Palestine solidarity, anti-racism, anti-imperialist and social justice events. Bring flyers and posters or share a statement from Sa’adat as part of your program. Let us know what you’re doing: Email us at samidoun@samidoun.net or send us a message on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.
  5. Boycott Israel! Ahmad Sa’adat says: “I call on all forces of progress, freedom and democracy to stand by the struggle of our people through all forms of boycott: political, economic, academic and cultural of the occupation state and the creation of a real economic cost for its industries of colonization and settlement and escalating the global campaigns for boycott of all corporations that support and invest in the occupation militarily and economically.” Don’t buy Israeli goods, and campaign to end investments in corporations that profit from the occupation. Join direct actions to challenge war profiteers (like the Elbit campaign with Palestine Action) and boycott complicit corporations like Puma and HP.

Free Ahmad Sa’adat and all Palestinian prisoners, freedom for Palestine, from the river to the sea! 

Campaign Graphics


Freedom for Ahmad Sa’adat

The General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Sa’adat was arrested by the Palestinian Authority on 15 January 2002 and jailed under US and British guard. After a violent attack in 2006, he was kidnapped by occupation forces; he is now serving a 30-year sentence in Israeli prison.


الحُرّية للقائد الوطني الأسير أحمد سعدات

أحمد سعدات : الأمين العام للجبهة الشعبية لتحرير فلسطين. إعتقلته الأجهزة الأمنية الفلسطينية في مدينة رام الله يوم 15 يناير 2002 وجرى وضعه تحت حراسة أمريكية ـ بريطانية في سجن أريحا . في 14 أذار / مارس 2006 هاجمت قوات الإحتلال الإسرائيلي سجن اريحا واختطفته مع عدد من رفاقه الأسرى. وفي 25 ديسيمبر 2008 أصدرت محكمة صهيونية غير شرعية حُكمًا بالسجن ضده لمدة 30 عامًا .


Liberté pour Ahmad Sa’adat

Sa’adat, secrétaire général du Front Populaire de Libération de la Palestine, a été arrêté par l’Autorité Palestinienne le 15 janvier 2002 et emprisonné sous surveillance américaine et britannique. Après une violente attaque en 2006, il a été kidnappé par les forces d’occupation. Il purge actuellement une peine de 30 ans dans une prison israélienne.


Vrijheid voor Ahmad Sa’adat

De Generaal-Secretaris van het Volksfront voor de Bevrijding van Palestina (PFLP), Sa’adat werd door de Palestijnse Autoriteit gearresteerd op 15 januari 2002. Vervolgens werd hij bewaakt door Britse en Amerikaanse troepen. Maar na een Israëlische aanval in 2006 werd Sa’dat gekidnapt; hij zit nu een 30-jarige celstraf uit.


Freiheit für Ahmad Sa’adat

Der Generalsekretär der Volksfront für die Befreiung Palästinas, Sa’adat, wurde am 15. Januar 2002 von der Palästinensischen Autonomiebehörde verhaftet. Das Gefängnis, in dem Sa’adat inhaftiert war, wurde von US-amerikanischen und britischen Soldaten bewacht. Nach einem gewaltsamen Angriff im Jahr 2006 wurde er von Besatzungstruppen entführt. Er verbüßt jetzt eine 30-jährige Haftstrafe in einem israelischen Gefängnis.


Libertad para Ahmad Sa’adat

Sa’adat, secretario general del Frente Popular de Liberación de Palestina, arrestado por la autoridad palestina el 15 de enero de 2002 y encarcelado bajo vigilancia americana y británica. Después de un ataque violento en 2006, fue secuestrado por las fuerzas de ocupación. Cumple actualmente una pena de 30 años en una prisión israelí.


Frihet åt Ahmad Sa’adat

Den 15:e januari 2002 arresterade Palestinska myndigheten Ahmad Sa’adat, generalsekreterare för Folkfronten för Palestinas befrielse. Sa’adat sattes därefter i fångenskap under USA:s och Storbritanniens regi. Under ett våldsamt angrepp 2006 kidnappades han av Israels ockupationsstyrkor och nu avtjänar han ett 30-årigt straff på israeliskt fängelse.


Frihed for Ahmad Sa’adat

Generalsekretæren for PFLP (Folkefronten til Palæstinas Befrielse), Ahmad Sa’adat, blev arresteret af det palæstinensiske selvstyre (PA) den 15. Januar 2002 og fængslet under US-amerikansk og britisk overvågning. Under et voldsomt angreb i 2006 blev han kidnappet af besættelsesstyrker og har siden været indespærret i israelske fængsler, idømt 30 års fængsel.


Libertà per Ahmad Sa’adat

Sa’adat, segretario generale del Fronte Popolare di Liberazione della Palestina, è stato arrestato dall’autorità Palestinese il 15 gennaio 2002 e imprigionato e sorvegliato dalle autorità americane e britanniche. Dopo un violento attacco nel 2006, è stato rapito dalle forze d’occupazione. Sconta attualmente una pena di 30 anni in una prigione Israeliana.



Λευτεριά στον Αχμάντ Σααντάτ!
Ο Γενικός Γραμματέας του Λαϊκού Μετώπου για την Απελευθέρωση της Παλαιστίνης, Σααντάτ, συνελήφθη από την Παλαιστινιακή Αρχή στις 15 Ιανουαρίου 2002 και φυλακίστηκε υπό αμερικανική και βρετανική φρουρά. Μετά από μια βίαιη επίθεση το 2006, απήχθη από τις κατοχικές δυνάμεις∙ τώρα εκτίει ποινή κάθειρξης 30 ετών σε ισραηλινή φυλακή.