Palestinian prisoners declare victory over the jailer in advance of planned hunger strike

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network salutes the Palestinian people and the prisoners’ movement as the prisoners declare their victory in the “Volcano of Freedom or Martyrdom.” In the late night hours of Wednesday, 22 March, the leadership of the prisoners’ movement announced that the Zionist prison service had backed down from all of the sanctions imposed upon the prisoners in a new agreement, suspending the hunger strike that had been scheduled to begin with 2,000 prisoners on 23 March with the beginning of the month of Ramadan.

We extend our highest salutes and greetings of solidarity to the prisoners’ movement, who continue to resist and defend the land and people of Palestine from behind prison walls, and whose battle of wills continues to produce new achievements. The prisoners’ unity and commitment to struggle, including the commitment of the leadership of the prisoners’ movement, the imprisoned leaders of the Palestinian people, once again demonstrated its strength.

We further affirm that we will remain vigilant — alongside the Palestinian prisoners, the resistance and the people as a whole — for all attempts by the occupier to breach these agreements, and our commitment to continue to struggle until the liberation of all Palestinian prisoners and until return and the liberation of Palestine, from the river to the sea.

Samidoun salutes the Palestinian people in Palestine and the Palestinian people everywhere in exile and diaspora mobilizing and organizing in response to the prisoners’ call for their liberation in the cities and the countries of the world, the Arab people confronting normalization and upholding the prisoners’ call, and all of the forces of solidarity with the Palestinian people ready to act for the prisoners’ freedom and victory.

We further salute Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan, who is continuing his hunger strike for freedom, now on the 47th day, struggling alongside each of the 4,750 prisoners in the occupation jails for justice and liberation.

We republish the statement below, issued by the Higher Emergency Committee of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Movement:

Announcing the victory of the prisoners in the battle of “Volcano of Freedom or Martyrdom”

To our great people, salutes of pride and victory.

We take advantage of this opportunity to congratulate our people on the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan, and we pray to God to bring it back when the prisoners and detainees have been liberated.

With this entry into the month of victories, your imprisoned children wrote a new page in the book of glory and honor, as the Zionist enemy was forced to stop its measures against us that it sought to impose upon us. Thanks to God first, and then thanks to the unity of the prisoners and the support of their people for them, the prisoners’ movement was able to record a new victory on the pages of glory and steadfastness.

On this occasion, we send the following messages:

The first message: To our prisoners, our troops who always show their complete readiness and solid unity. You have all our appreciation and pride for this unparalleled readiness and fedayee bravery.

The second message: To our resisting people who supported us throughout our past movement; you have a message of thanks and gratitude, to a people who know the meaning of loyalty, practicing it as a behavior and adopting it as a method.

The third message: To our brutal enemy, you must realize and understand well that the prisoners are not alone, and they are not easy prey for every invader on our land.

Finally: We extend our thanks and appreciation to all those who support us among the free people of the world, the supporters of our just cause.

Mercy for the martyrs, healing for the wounded, freedom and victory for the prisoners.

The Higher National Emergency Committee for the Palestinian Prisoners’ Movement

Thursday 1 Ramadan 1444
23 March 2023