Brussels marks Land Day with film screening and event on Palestinian resistance

Marking Palestinian Land Day, Samidoun Brussels organized a screening of “Arna’s Children” and discussion on Friday, 31 March, which brought together around 70 people in the DK community and cultural center in Brussels, Belgium.

Following the screening, Samidoun Brussels activists led a discussion about the Palestinian resistance today and the importance of amplifying the call for the liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea and the right of return of Palestinian refugees. The event, following a Zionist attack forum at the European Parliament on Wednesday targeting Samidoun and other organizations working for justice in Palestine, also underlined the need to not give in to attempted intimidation by supporters of Zionist colonialism. Instead, these attacks must prompt the entire movement to intensify its resistance to the attempted criminalization of Palestinian diaspora and community organizing and the Palestine solidarity movement in Europe.

The evening was followed by an iftar of Palestinian cuisine which delighted the participants. The event also included a photo exhibition on “Daily Life Under Occupation,” which drew great interest from attendees.

Samidoun Brussels thanks DK and all who participated in this evening of international solidarity. The mobilization continues in support of the Palestinian resistance!

Samidoun Brussels also shared a new appearance of graffiti for Palestine on its Instagram account. To get in touch with or join Samidoun Brussels, please email or reach out on Instagram.