Gaza is a Strategy, Not Just a Place

The following statement was developed by Samidoun NY/NJ:

Gaza is a Strategy, Not Just A Place

We echo the sentiment that Gaza is ‘the first experiment in considering us all disposable” and “the likely future for the working-class masses worldwide.” ~Colombian president Gustavo Petro and The Hampton Institute

In the 20th century, fascist states used racialized dehumanization, ghettoization and forced transfer to concentration camps, coupled with brutal military suppression of working class and colonized people to expand their system of extermination. These tactics served as a mechanism for accomplishing the ruling class’ “final solution” and to preserve the power of capitalism.

In the 21st century, contradictions between the western imperial core and the racialized global working class continue to heighten. The power of the US-led imperial core is declining but it continues its desperate stranglehold on capitalism. Gaza is a focal point of this stranglehold and the testing ground for a completely new tactic of extermination.

These new fascists have found it more expedient to beseige a people where they already live and coordinate a two-pronged assault: on the one end, a brutal blockade preventing anything from getting in or out, on the other, after decades of global military escalation, a constant bombing campaign, increasing each time in scope and barbarity all the while engaging in global dehumanization campaign of the population to be exterminated.

It is increasingly clear that this tactic will not stay contained to Gaza.

From Kashmir to Korea, fascist states like India and the US are already laying the groundwork to replicate this tactic.

It is clearer every day that we are facing a coordinated effort to normalize not just the genocide of the Palestinians but the genocide of any and all people who resist the US-led imperialist world order.

It is in that vein that we salute the brave Palestinian people and their resistance. Their containment of these fascist policies gives us all precious time to understand the gravity of the situation and, more importantly, to act decisively against it.

Stop the Israeli Genocide of Palestinians!

Support Palestinian Resistance & Revolution!

Unite With the Struggling People of the World to Stop the Fascist Onslaught!

Repression and Surveillance

“Ask yourself why the capitalist ruling class has been responding to economic collapse with overpopulation rhetoric, cop cities, and… unprecedented spending on military.” – The Hampton Institute

As the global capitalist economy deteriorates and leaders initiate unpopular austerity policies, revolutionary movements are once again resurging throughout the world and especially in the global south, as they did throughout the 20th century.

In response:

  • Police forces around the world are becoming increasingly militarized and worldwide military spending has ballooned to its highest level in history
  • The United States is forcing the construction of a multi-billion dollar Cop City in Atlanta, GA to further militarize police and prepare them for urban warfare
  • Countries across the developed world have normalized high-tech spying and sophisticated forms of public opinion shaping
  • Drone technologies, pioneered and tested by the Zionist regime, are increasingly common around the world, shrouding the skies in an air of death
  • Red scare tactics used in the 20th century are making a come-back to scare people from pubicly supporting Palestine or participating in anti-imperialist resistance movements.
  • States around the world are instituting anti-“terrorism” laws to brutally suppress movements and create distrust within the communities they oppress.

Anti-Immigration Measures

As Gustavo Petro remarked, “Anti-immigration policies, concentration camps for immigrants… [and] economic blockades of rebel countries” along with clandestine operations to replace any leaders who threaten US and NATO’s global hegemony are amplifying.

As the West continues to hoard the world’s resources whilst degrading the land and atmopshere, economic and climate refugees are increasingly migrating to where it is safer.

In response:

  • Western countries are tightening up their immigration policies and, more recently, threatening to deport and incarcerate anyone who questions their genocidal policies
  • Border wall construction has gone into overdrive: today, the world has over 80 border walls compared to just 7 at the end of World War II
  • Several US politicians have said they support invading or bombing Mexico in pursuit of “drug dealers”, a broad, weaponized designation not dissimilar to “gang members” or “terrorists” used to justify military occupation and suppression of people resisting US imperial domination.