Join the Amsterdam student encampment for Palestine!

Revolutionaire Eenheid and Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network fully support the students who today started an encampment for Palestine in the Roeterseiland campus, Amsterdam. These students are on the frontline of the resistance against the Israeli genocide in Gaza and Dutch complicity. They follow the example of students in Palestine, the United States and several other countries.

The Amsterdam universities UvA, VU and AUC have various ties with the genocidal apartheid state and it is high time that these ties are broken. The students are determined and will not stop until their goals are achieved. Attempts to repress or breakup the encampment by the authorities will be met with resistance.

Revolutionaire Eenheid and Samidoun call on all students, youth and supporters of Palestine to join these heroic students. We fully support the students’ demands and points of unity:

The demands:

  1. Full cooperation with the Freedom of Information request and full disclosure of all ties between our universities and their ties to Israeli institutions and companies, and ties to companies that profit from genocide, apartheid and the exploitation of Palestinians and their land.
  2. Boycott all academic collaborations with Israeli institutions that are complicit in genocide, apartheid and the exploitation of Palestinians and their land.
  3. Divest and terminate all contracts with Israeli and international companies that profit from genocide, apartheid and the exploitation of the Palestinian people and their land.

Points of Unity:

  • One democratic Palestine from the river to the sea;
  • Palestinians have the right to resistance, including armed resistance;
  • The Palestinian diaspora has a right of return.

Stop the Israeli genocide and all complicity with it!
Victory to the Palestinian people and their resistance!
Long live international solidarity!

Follow these accounts for live updates:

Instagram:Amsterdam.encampment; Students for Justice in Palestine Amsterdam; Workers For Palestine; Dutch Scholars for Palestine; AUFreePalestine; ROSA Radical Students


Below is the full initial statement from the students in Amsterdam:


Come to REC CAMPUS NOW to join us as we create a liberated zone, in solidarity with Gaza! All students, staff and humans are invited to join us NOW as we show UVA, VU and AUC that there is no business as usual when a genocide is unfolding. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A STUDENT – all are welcome in our liberated university!

We will occupy and hold the line against any attempt to evict us. We need mass mobilization, and lots of support! Join us as soon as possible, we plan to STAY. Bring tents, sleeping bags and pack your belongings with you. We need both campers and supporters day and night!

We expect repression, so we request our communities to stand by in solidarity with us. We cannot exist without your support.

P.S. PROTESTING STAFF AND LECTURERS WELCOME – Join the brave staff and faculty as they conduct a solidarity demo at 6 PM in support of Gaza and the student intifada.

Location: UvA Roeterseiland Campus, Amsterdam

Time: 12 PM onwards!

Free Palestine!