May 11-June 1: Fasting on Fridays in solidarity with Palestinian hunger strikers

Solidarity and human rights activists Elizabeth West and Domenica Bianca have initiated a new project, Fasting on Fridays (see the Fasting on Fridays website:, calling for international solidarity with the Karameh Hunger Strike by fasting on Fridays.

Fasters will engage in 24-hour fasts each Friday (May 11, May 18, May 25 and June 1) or until Palestinian prisoners achieve their demands and end their hunger strike.

The site provides instructions and information about conducting a 24-hour fast, as well as an opportunity to sign a Pledge to Fast.

The fasting project began yesterday, Friday May 11, with eight fasters, who are updating their experiences via this blog. Fasters are encouraged to sign on from around the world and join the project.

The organizers say:

Yesterday, discussing this situation, we found that our hearts demanded we follow our sorrow into some form of action.  Time is of the essence here; it is likely that some of the hunger strikers will begin to die in the next day or so.  Ideally we would like for our actions to influence public opinion, to change the course of things, but our first and deepest wish is that the Palestinian people know that there are others, many of us Americans, who are with them as they stand steadfastly in the tradition of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr. and many prisoners from a multitude of nations who have chosen, over the years, to lay down their lives, if necessary, rather than to live a life stripped of both human rights and human dignity.

The Fasting for Freedom project helps to link individuals and organizations around the world standing together in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners. Learn more and get involved here.