DCI: Urgent Appeal for Children in Solitary Confinement

The following urgent appeal comes from Defence for Children International – Palestine:

Today, DCI re-released an Urgent Appeal calling for an end to the practice of placing Palestinian children in solitary confinement. DCI first issued the appeal in January after documenting 50 cases of children who reported being held in isolation in Israeli detention facilities since 2008. In June, DCI documented 3 new cases of children who report being held in isolation for between 5 and 12 days. The practice of holding children in solitary confinement has been widely criticised and according to both the UN and leading  UK lawyers, may amount to torture.

In the most recent cases, one boy reports being held in solitary confinement for 5 days as punishment for going on hunger strike, whilst another boy was placed in isolation for 7 days for hanging a Palestinian flag in his cell. In the third case, a boy describes being held for 12 days in a windowless cell in “Cell No 36”, at the Al Jalame interrogation centre near Haifa.

Recommended action
Please send Urgent Appeals recommending the following:
1. The practice of using solitary confinement on children in Israeli detention facilities must be stopped
2. That all relevant Israeli civilian and military laws and regulations be amended to ensure there is a
legally binding and enforceable prohibition on the use of solitary confinement on children held in
Israeli custody; and
3. Every detention facility, including Al Jalame and Petah Tikva, must be opened up to unbiased external
inspection, and inspectors must be given free access to any part of the facility at anytime.

Appeals to: