Addameer: Hunger strikes continue for Akram Rikhawi, Samer Al-Barq and Hassan Safadi

Ramallah, 12 July 2012 – Due to the Israeli Prison Service’s restrictions on access for lawyers and independent doctors, it is very difficult to ascertain confirmed updates on the status of current hunger strikers Akram Rikhawi, Samer Al-Barq and Hassan Safadi. Addameer has spoken to the families of the three hunger strikers who have confirmed that all three remain committed to their hunger strikes.

Akram Rikhawi is today on his 92nd day of hunger strike, making him the second Palestinian prisoner in history to reach this stage of hunger strike. According to Akram’s wife after speaking to Mahmoud Sarsak, Palestinian footballer who was released on 10 July following his own 92-day hunger strike, Akram is being held in solitary confinement in Ramleh prison medical clinic. Akram’s health continues to deteriorate and he reportedly had difficulty moving his leg and arm during a visit with a lawyer yesterday.
Administrative detainee Samer Al-Barq is on his 52nd day of renewed hunger strike today, following his 30-day strike as part of Palestinian prisoner’s mass hunger strike. His father is deeply frustrated by the lack of access to updates on his current condition.
Administrative detainee Hassan Safadi is on his 22nd day of renewed hunger strike today, following his 71-day hunger strike, during which he experienced being forcefully given treatment by a prison doctor. Following a meeting today, the Israeli military prosecutor and intelligence representative have yet to make a decision regarding his release, which was explicitly included in the agreement ending the mass hunger strike. Mahmoud Sarsak indicated to Hassan’s family that Hassan stopped drinking water two days ago.
Addameer will continue to provide updated information as it is available and urges action on behalf of all three hunger strikers.