Addameer: Lawyer blocked from accessing al-Barq and Safadi

The following report is from Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association:

Ramallah10 September 2012 — Immediately after receiving confirmation from the Israeli Prison Service that he would be able to meet with all three hunger strikers in Ramleh prison medical clinic yesterday afternoon, Addameer lawyer Fares Ziad entered to find prison authorities telling him he would only be able to meet with Ayman Sharawna, as Samer Al-Barq and Hassan Safadi had just been taken to Assaf Harofeh hospital for unknown reasons. This is not the first time that Mr. Ziad has been told he would be able to meet with them and subsequently told they were no longer present, contributing to the horrific prevention of access to information about these two hunger strikers in most urgent conditions.

Samer Al-Barq is now on his 112th day of renewed hunger strike, while Hassan Safadi is on his 82nd day of renewed hunger strike. Both are at immediate risk of death. Ayman Sharawna is on his 72nd day of hunger strike, and Mr. Ziad noted after seeing him that his condition has become incredibly dire. He is now unable to see out of his right eye, cannot move his right leg, and is throwing up blood.

Urgent intervention is needed to save the lives of these courageous hunger strikers.


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