Loay Ashqar, tortured detainee, rearrested in occupation raid

Addameer, the Palestinian Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association, reported that at dawn on Monday, September 10, occupation military forces raided the home of Loay Ashqar in Saida, Tulkarem, arresting him and abducting him from his home.

Loay Ashqar has been imprisoned 5 times in the past as an administrative detainee, without charge or trial. He was paralyzed in his lower leg and foot under torture in interrogation in Jalame interrogation centre in 2005, and his brother Muhammad al-Ashqar was murdered in 2007 in Negev desert prison in a so-called “training exercise” of the Israeli army (reported here by Ali Abunimah.)

Loay has been one of the leading activists in solidarity with the prisoners’ hunger strike in his area, and is married and the father of two children.

This image, provided by Addameer, is of Loay’s visit with Khader Adnan upon his release from the occupation prisons.