London protest Oct. 28 in solidarity with imprisoned Palestinian MPs

Alert – Protest in Solidarity with imprisoned Palestinian MPs

Join us on Sunday 28th October 2012 at 2pm outside Parliament to protest in solidarity with imprisoned Palestinian MPs and Ministers.

Targeting Palestinian lawmakers

Israel has always targeted Palestinian democracy understanding that the Palestinian people, unlike their installed stooges, will never capitulate to the occupation of their land and demand their right of return. So when Hamas won the elections in 2006 with 70 MPs in the 132 seat parliament, Israel reacted with mass arrests and imprisonment of Palestinian MPs. As recently as 2009 nearly a third of the Palestinian Parliament was languishing in Israeli prisons and today there are still 13 imprisoned Palestinian MPs and Israel is busy abducting more.

At dawn on 15th July 2012 Israeli soldiers smashed in to the home of Palestinian MP Ahmad Abdul-Aziz Mubarak in Ramallah and kidnapped him. They ransacked his family home, shackling and blindfolding him before taking him to an unknown destination. He is being held in an Israeli dungeon indefinitely, without any charge or trail. This is not the first time Ahmad Mubarak has been kidnapped by Israeli soldiers, the last time was in 2006 when they kept him caged for 4 years. Ahmad Mubarak is just one of the MPs who’s plight we will highlight outside the British Parliament. Come and join us to voice your support for imprisoned Palestinian parliamentarians.

* we would especially like to thank the Ahrar Center for the Study of prisoners and human rights in Palestine (, without their assistance in research, this protest could not have been possible.

Hunger StrikersAyman Sharawna & Samer Al-Issawi

We will also be protesting in solidarity with Palestinian hunger strikers. On 28th October Ayman Sharawna will be on his 120th day without food whilst Samer Al-Issawi will be on his 89 days of hunger strike.

Latest news indicates that Ayman Sharawna has of today (24 October) stopped drinking water. A lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) managed to visit Ayman Sharawna  yesterday (23 October) at the Ramla Prison Clinic; Ayman told him that he refuses to be exiled in exchange for his release, and will continue his strike “until freedom or death”.

He added that the Prison Administration keeps moving him from one room to another, and completely isolated him from the rest of the detainees, in an attempt to prevent him from getting the needed rest, and to deprive him from communicating with other detainees.

“Officers of the Prison Administration held several meetings with me, and proposed deporting me or placing me under Administrative Detention without trial”, Sharawna stated, “I will never accept to be deported or imprisoned without charges, I will continue my strike”.

Sharawna’s health is seriously deteriorating, he repeatedly loses consciousness, and faces repeated sharp migraines, headaches, and is gradually losing his memory.

Human Rights Defender Ayman Nasser abducted to torture den

On Sunday we will also be demanding the immediate release of Ayman Nasser, a human rights defender working for Addameer the Palestinian Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association. Father of four, Ayman Nasser was abducted from his home last week when Israeli soldiers raided his home with dogs. He is currently being interrogated at the notorious Moskobiyyeh detention centre infamous for torture. He has not been charged with anything other than defending the rights of Palestinian prisoners.
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