Hearing adjourned in the case of hunger strikers Hareebat and Tabeesh

On Thursday, June 27, Ma’an reported that a hearing was held in the occupation military court in Ofer in the cases of Adel Hareebat and Ayman Al-Tabeesh, administrative detainees held without charge or trial who have been hunger striking for 39 days as of June 30.

Despite their ill health, both attended the court hearing. Both are being held in the Ramle prison clinic at present. Jawad Boulos of the Palestinian Prisoners Society said that the Ofer court adjourned the hearing, saying that the Court of Appeal would call the occupation intelligence officers to hear their claims about the reasons for Hareebat and Tabeesh’s administrative detention. Boulos called for both to be released immediately, because they were detained for no reason.

Ayman Al-Tabeesh was previously held without charge or trial under administrative detention for three years, and Hareebat was imprisoned previously and released in 2008.

Ayman Hamdan, who has been on hunger strike since April 28, as well as Imad Batran, who has been on strike since May 7, both of whom are administrative detainees, were moved to the Assaf Soroka hospital from the Ramle prison clinic, also on June 27.