Occupation forces confiscate Palestinian prisoner’s artwork

nidal-fattashPNN reported that Ahrar Center for Prisoners Studies and Human Rights condemned the confiscation of the prisoner Nidal Fattash’s artworks and drawings by the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) in Meggido prison on June 28.

The IPS has interrogated and threatened Fattash, 23, from Salfit, to be moved into isolation due to his drawings, claiming that he keeps drawing the prison’s details in an attempt to escape from it, the prisoner’s mother told Ahrar Center.

The prisoner’s mother confirmed that her son’s drawings translate his suffering behind Israeli bars since his arrest in May 2012, saying that the confiscation of his drawings will not prevent him from completing his artwork.

Fattash aims to organize an exhibition of his drawings after his release to shed light on Palestinian prisoners’ plight, the mother added.

Fattash, a student at Faculty of Fine Arts at An-Najah National University, was sentenced to 15 months. He was arrested a few hours before his Graduation Project discussion, thus his mother discussed his Graduation Project instead of her son at the time.