Palestinian prisoners face medical neglect and abuse in occupation prisons

sharigPalestinian prisoner Shadi Qar’an, 30, of Tulkarem, is currently suffering from potentially cancerous tumors and severe abdominal pain, but has received no treatment apart from painkillers. Palestinian lawyer Ashraf Al-Khatib has petitioned for him to receive treatment and surgery, but the military court postponed hearing this case until September 10, 2013 on June 30. Qar’an has been in occupation prisons since 2007, with a 28-year sentence, and is held in Gilboa prison.

Palestinian prisoner Salim Kassab, imprisoned since 2003, faces the loss of sight in his left eye. He was given injections of cortisone, and Afula hospital has documented that without immediate treatment he will lose his sight. However, the prison medical authorities have refused to provide surgery to save his eye.

Simultaneously, the family of prisoner Hassan Sharif, 31, said that their son is suffering from urinary and kidney disease and severe joint pain, and also has received no treatment except for painkillers, calling for Doctors Without Borders, the ICRC and other international institutions to protect the medical rights of prisoners.