Samer al-Barq’s administrative detention renewed yet again as occupation forces continue to violate agreement with long-time hunger striker

barqPrevious long-term hunger striker Samer al-Barq’s administrative detention was renewed for another six months on June 27, despite the previous agreement of the occuation to release him to Egypt in exchange for ending his hunger strike.

Samer Al-Barq has been held by the occupation forces since July 11, 2010, when he was deported by Jordanian security forces to the bridge to Palestine and transferred to occupation forces, after his detention in Jordan. (Born in Qalqilya, al-Barq had lived in Pakistan for a number of years and married a Pakistani woman.)

Since that time, al-Barq has been held in administrative detention without charge or trial. After his first open-ended hunger strike, he stopped his strike based on the occupation authorities’ promise to not renew his administrative detention, deport him to Egypt from where he could return to Pakistan. The occupation authorities violated their promise and instead renewed his administrative detention. He launched a new hunger strike that lasted for 120 days and which was once again suspended when the occupation promised to apply the agreement, which they again violated. He went on a third hunger strike for 43 days, which he ended after a health crisis.

The occupation again renewed his administrative detention for an additional six months on June 27. Palestinian human rights organizations called for international action to defend Samer in the face of the occupation’s impunity.