Seven prisoners held in isolation in Eshel, PPS reports

PalestineFreedomThe Palestinian Prisoners’ Society reported on June 25 that seven Palestinian prisoners are still held in isolation in the Israeli Eshel prison. Ending isolation was an agreement term of the conclusion of the prisoners’ Karameh hunger strike in 2012.

A lawyer with the Society reported that the conditions of these prisoners are very difficult, after visiting one of the isolated prisoners, Awad Al-Saidi, saying that cells are infested with cockroaches and prison meals are poor quality.

The lawyer also visited Dirar Abu Sisi, who has been held in isolation since his arrest in 2011. He said that Abu Sisi was suffering from health problems. The lawyer quoted Abu Sisi as saying that his cell was like a grave as he did not see a human being since his arrest except the jailors and knew nothing about the outside world. Abu Sisi was kidnapped by Israeli intelligence from the Ukraine in 2011; there is an international campaign to demand his freedom and the end of his isolation.

Abu Sisi called for immediate action to end his isolation and that of the other prisoners the soonest.

A third isolated prisoner, Mahmoud Zahran, told the lawyer that the prison administration extended his isolation in absentia and he is to attend another hearing on 2/10/2013.