Samer Issawi denied medical tests as medical neglect and abuse is rampant in occupation prisons

samer-isssawiThe Israeli Prison Authority in Shatta prison refused to allow prisoner Samer Issawi, who went on the longest hunger strike in the world, to undergo medical tests to assess his current health condition as he continues to recuperate from his hunger strike.

Issawi told his lawyer that he submitted a request to have medical examinations, but no response yet from the prison administration. Issawi was quickly removed from the hospital following his strike and has repeatedly been denied additional medical attention in the past months.

In addition, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society said on Sunday that prisoner Ahmed Khallouf, who has been in jail for nine years, suffers from a deteriorating health condition and needs urgent surgery.  The society added that its lawyer visited Khallouf and conveyed his appeal to international human rights groups, especially the Red Cross, to intervene with the Israeli prison authority to allow him to undergo surgery on one of his foot.

According his brother Nidal, prisoner Khallouf suffers from an infection, a painful swelling in his left foot and a constant fever, and needs surgery to treat the inflamed foot as prescribed by doctors. He stated that the Israeli prison administration is reluctant to provide his brother with proper medical treatment and allow him to have the surgery.

Prisoners in Askelan have been refusing treatment in the prison clinic since Sunday due to consistent medical neglect and maltreatment in the prison, reporting that there are over 30 ill prisoners in the prison including Fuad Shobaki, who suffers from a number of health issues, including high blood pressure, hemorrhoids and tooth pain, yet is denied all medical treatment.