Motassem Raddad, suffering from cancer, calls for early release

motasemraddadPalestinian prisoner Motassem Raddad, 32, from Tulkarem, is suffering from intestinal cancer and continuous bleeding and must be released immediately for medical treatment, said Palestinian lawyer Fadi Obeidat.

Obeidat, who visited Raddad in Hadarim hospital, reported that he is suffering from chronic and acute intestinal bleeding. For the past five years, he has been moved to multiple hospitals. His disease is impacting all areas of his body, including his heart, joints and abdomen.

Raddad was transferred to Soroka Hospital and the Hadarim and received a blood transfusion as he had lost so much blood. Nevertheless, he is transferred by “Bosta” (a prisoner transport vehicle) rather than by ambulance, increasing his suffering. No paramedics are available during travel by Bosta.

Raddad reported he had no new medical tests or scans since last year, despite such being required every 6 months. A previous application for early release due to health reasons was declined, and Obeidat emphasized that Raddad’s life is at stake and must be released now.