PA police attack and arrest demonstrators against negotiations with occupation

ramallah1Palestinian Authority security forces attacked Palestinian protesters as they marched in Ramallah on Sunday, July 28, 2013, injuring dozens and arresting a number of protesters. The marchers were protesting the PA’s return to negotiations with Israel, warning that the negotiations represent threats to Palestinian rights and a path to dangerous concessions. ramallah2The protest, organized by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, was attacked as the approximately 200 demonstrators marched toward the Muqata’, PA presidential headquarters. Security forces attacked the protesters with batons in order to prevent them from reaching the Muqata.

Photo via Addameer of injured protester taken from Ramallah Hospital in police van
Photo via Addameer of injured protester taken from Ramallah Hospital in police van

In a statement following the police attack, the PFLP said, “The PA decision – the individual act of President Mahmoud Abbas – was contrary to the decisions of Palestinian national institutions, including the PLO Central Council – and reflects a culture of recklessness, irresponsibility, lack of accountability, and disregard for the law and the national traditions of our people,” and demanded that those responsible be held accountable for their actions.

Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association reported that among the dozens of injured was Khalida Jarrar, member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, PFLP leader and longtime prisoner advocate. Injured demonstrators were arrested and taken away from Ramallah Hospital, where they were receiving treatment. Demonstrators said that the Sunday protest is just the beginning of a popular movement against negotiations, both inside and outside Palestine, including “ending the absurd negotiations and the entire path of Oslo, holding accountable those who normalize with the occupation, returning to international institutions, including the UN, to struggle for Palestinian rights, ending the division, and creating an alternative national strategy of resistance.”

A rally was held simultaneously in Gaza City as well in protest of the negotiations. A protest will take place at 9 pm tonight outside Ramallah police station demanding the release of the 5 people who are currently in PA detention following the protest.

Imprisoned Palestinian leader Ahmad Sa’adat had issued a statement supporting the protests, calling for Palestinians to “Break the barriers of silence and bang on the walls of the tank” against the negotiations.

Video of the protest in Ramallah: