Protest at Ramallah police headquarters demands freedom of detained protesters

Palestinian protesters took to the streets outside the Ramallah police headquarters on the evening of July 28, 2013, demanding the release of five detainees, Ali Amer Hamdullah, Fayeq Meri, Yousef Farouq Hamdullah, Tamer Arar, and Iyan Ayaydeh, held by Palestinian Authority security forces following the demonstrations to reject resumed negotiations earlier in the day. The protest was attacked by PA security as it sought to proceed to the Muqata’ presidential compound. The protesters are demanding that the PA retreat from its decision to return to negotiations with Israel under US auspices.

As of 12:45 am, July 29, the 5 detainees were released after their families and the demonstrators refused to leave the area outside the police station:

Video of the protest: