Palestinian prisoner abducted from Egypt charged by Israeli military court

waelaburidaThe Palestine Information Centre reported that Israeli security services presented to the District Court in Beersheba on Friday morning, July 19,  an indictment against the prisoner Wael Hassan Abu Rida, 35, from Gaza, who was abducted from Egypt in mid-June.

In the indictment, Israeli forces accuse Abu Rida of involvement with the armed wings of Fateh and Islamic Jihad, and also Hamas. Israeli security services accused Abu Rida of carrying out many operations against the occupation since 2003, including shooting at Israeli tanks, planting an explosive device near the security fence in Gaza, training about 40 Palestinian militants, and planning to kidnap Israeli soldiers.

The detainee was also accused of planting and bombing an explosive device weighing 10 kilograms in 2006, planning to dig a tunnel from the Gaza Strip to carry out operations against Israeli soldiers, and being involved in an attempt to launch a missile.

Abu Rida’s lawyer said that these allegations are gained from torture and unreliable. Abu Rida disappeared from Egypt, where he was traveling for medical treatment, in June. His wife, Amani, reported his disappearance after she was informed that he was now in Israeli custody. Abu Rida was in the Sinai of Egypt when he was abducted by Israeli agents.