16-year-old Palestinian youth sentenced to 15 months in occupation prisons

1228951359palestinian_children_arrestedThe Palestine Information Centre reported that an Israeli district court has sentenced a Palestinian minor Mohammed Raed Siam, 16-year-old, to 15 months imprisonment and 6 months suspended sentence for 3 years.

Mohammed was arrested on January 1, 2013 where he spent 20 days in Maskubiya interrogation center. Under severe torture and huge stress and threats, he admitted that he had thrown stones and Molotov cocktails at Israeli settlements, his father told Silwan center.

The father underlined that the Israeli public prosecutor refused the medical committee’s recommendation to release his son in light of his difficult psychological status due to the interrogation process.

Mohamed’s lawyer has demanded his release during Thursday’s session after his detention in Hasharon prison led to the disruption of his schooling.

A new article by Brad Parker on the detention of Palestinian children and youth is available at 972 magazine: http://972mag.com/justice-denied-prolonged-occupation-and-palestinian-child-detainees/76094/