Prisoners protest medical mistreatment and neglect in Israeli prisons

images_News_2013_07_17_Ghawadreh-0_300_0The Palestinian Information Centre reported on the statement of the Palestinian Prisoners Society, holding the Israeli prison authority fully responsible for what happened to Palestinian prisoner Mohamed Ghawadreh who lost his eyesight partially after he received incorrect medical treatment in the infirmary of Hadarim jail.

The society stated on July 16 that Ghawadreh was suffering from severe pains in his teeth, but an Israeli doctor in Hadarim jail deliberately injected him with an incorrect drug, which to date has caused him to lose 80 percent of his vision in one eye and 30 percent in the other.

It affirmed that his family is prevented from visiting him in jail and appealed to the Red Cross to pressure the Israeli prison authority in this regard in order for the prisoner to see his family.

The prisoner society also called for forming a neutral medical and human rights committee to investigate the incident that led the prisoner to lose his vision partially.

At the same time, on July 17, Palestinian lawyer Hanan al-Khatib reported that prisoners in Ramle prison clinic refused meals and medications to protest ongoing medical negligence and mistreatment.

Riad Amour, a representative of the ill prisoners, said that prison authorities have threatened the prisoners with a loss of family visits and further penalties for their strike. He reported that the patients are seen by a doctor only once weekly, despite their serious conditions, and are denied important medical treatment, including for inflammation after amputations, shrapnel injuries, and tumors.