Former prisoner Mohammad al-Saadi seized on bridge while travelling for leg surgery

asraaaaa_copy_copy_340_230Mohammad al-Sa’adi of Jenin, a former Palestinian prisoner, was seized by occupation soldiers and re-arrested as he attempted to cross the bridge to Jordan in order to undergo surgery on his injured leg. Sa’adi’s family urged on July 17 that he be released and provided immediate treatment, saying that his leg surgery was urgent.

Sa’adi’s mother said that as soon as he entered the bridge, he was surrounded by intelligence and military forces, and arrested. She urged international human rights and medical organizations to take an interest in her son’s case.

Ragheb Abu Diak of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society said that targeting of former prisoners is a systematic policy of harassment against the entire Palestinian people, noting the massive proportion of Palestinians who have served time in Israeli prison or detention. Sa’adi has been arrested several times before, spending 20 months and 28 months in occupation prisons.