PFLP leaders Sa’adat and Jaghoub transferred by occupation prison authorities

ahmad_saadatThe branch of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in the occupation prisons reported that the Zionist prison authorities are engaged in a series of transfers of PFLP leaders within the prisons, beginning with imprisoned PFLP general secretary Ahmad Sa’adat, who was transferred from Shata prison to Gilboa prison on January 25.

The PFLP said that this action was intended to obstruct the efforts of Sa’adat as a leader in the prisons to unify the national prisoners’ movement and build the struggle within the prisons, and that Sa’adat and other leaders of the prisoners’ movement are always subject to vindictive measures and are closely monitored by the Zionist prison authorities in attempts to obstruct their leadership and influence within the prisons.

On February 2, the PFLP prison branch announced that another leader, Wael Jaghoub, had been transferred from Ramon prison to Shata prison, linking Jaghoub’s transfer to Sa’adat’s, and saying that “this action is part of an ongoing campaign by the occupation Prison authority against the prisoners’ leadership in various Israeli jails, including the leadership of the PFLP, so as to sabotage efforts to build the unity and activity of the prisoners’ movement and undermine activities to re-activate the protest movements inside the prison against the abuses of the prison authorities.”

Sa’adat, the PFLP’s leader, is serving a 30-year sentence since he was kidnapped from a Palestinian Authority prison in 2006 with his comrades; Jaghoub is serving a life sentence and has been held in Israeli prisons since 2001.