Palestinian prisoners in Nafha demand rights, plan protest

083C963F7Palestinian prisoners in Nafha prison stated through the Palestine Prisoners Society that they will begin to take protest steps that may escalate to a hunger strike in April 2014 if their demands are not recognized.

The prisoners are demanding:

1. The provision of professional and quick medical treatment to all patients in the prisons, particularly those held in the Ramle prison clinic.

2. Full implementation of the visiting agreement for the families of prisoners from Gaza. Following the April-May 2012 Karameh hunger strike, prison authorities committed to allow regular visits every two weeks, but the prison authorities have repeatedly failed to adhere to this agreement.

3. A full conclusion to the issue of solitary confinement, which was agreed to be ended following the strike; however, Dirar Abu Sisi’s isolation was not ended and other prisoners have since been held in isolation.

4. End the use of the “Bosta”, with iron chairs and shackles, particularly for the transportation of sick prisoners to hospitals.

5. Waiting rooms for prisoners’ families for visitation, and the waiting room for treatment at Ramle prison clinic, are dirty and not properly maintained; they are also too small and must be enlarged.

6. End the prohibition of family visits to prisoners under the pretext of “security” to exclude relatives from the prisons.

7. End the exploitation of prisoners through the high prices in the canteen, in the hands of the private corporation which has a monopoly on the canteen and providing prisoners with food.