Palestinian prisoners to protest with one-day hunger strike

hungerdignityThe Ministry of Prisoners said in a statement on Monday, March 17 that the prisoners’ movement inside the occupation prisons are beginning a one-day hunger strike on Tuesday, March 18 a first step of protest leading up to Palestinian Prisoners’ Day on April 17.

This action comes in light of the increasing attacks on prisoners and violation of their rights, breaches of agreements and failure to respond to prisoners’ demands, and in particular, the policy of medical neglect and abuse against the sick prisoners, which endangers their lives. This comes in addition to the resumption of the use of isolation and solitary confinement and frequent invasions and ransacking of prisoners’ rooms and sections.

Eight prisoners are engaged in an open hunger strike, including Muammar Banat, Waheed Abu Maria, Akram al-Fassisi, who have been striking for 68 days, Ameer Shammas, who has been striking for 66, and Kifah Hattab, Ayman Al-Tabeesh, Aref Hareebat and Ahmad Abu Ras.

The ministry called institutions of the international community that defend human rights and freedom, and the International Committee of the Red Cross, to stand in support of Palestinian prisoners who suffer injustice and oppression of the occupation and put pressure on the occupation to free all Palestinian prisoners, particularly the sick prisoners dying a slow death of medical mistreatment and neglect, and fully implement the 2012 agreement.