Palestinian prisoners’ rooms ransacked by prison security forces

stormingThe Palestine Prisoners Center for Studies reported that occupation prison security forces stormed Room 94, Section 7 in Ramon prison on Monday, March 17, with a force of 20 police who ransacked the room.

The Center said that Palestinian political prisoners in Ramon noted that this is one of the prison authority’s attacks against the prisoners and part of an ongoing campaign to destabilize the prisoners under a variety of pretexts.

Earlier, on Friday, March 14, dozens of guards and police stormed section 22 in the Negev prison, imprisoned journalist Osama Shaheen told the center. The “Keter Unit” clashed with prisoners in room 4, where prisoners were handcuffed and taken outside through a heavy rain and wind storm to a laundry room for several hours while the unit ransacked the prisoners’ space under the pretext of inspection.

Shaheen said that on Saturday morning electrical appliances were removed from room 4 and that section 22 had been converted to a punishment space with family visits prohibited for a month.