Murad Nimer isolated for additional six months days after brother’s arrest

muradnimerPalestinian political prisoner Murad Nimer’s isolation was extended for an additional six months by an occupation military court on March 17, despite a commitment in 2012 by prison authorities to end the use of solitary confinement.

Nimer is currently being held in Ashkelon prison. Imprisoned since 2010, Nimer was taken from Gilboa prison in August 2013 to Petah Tikva interrogation and detention centre, where he was interrogated for two weeks. He was returned to Ramon prison and placed in isolation for a 6-month renewable period, accused of continuing resistance activities inside the prisons. He has since been transfered to Ashkelon.

Nimer, who belongs to the Hamas movement, is serving a 10-year sentence. His brother Ahmad has been held since February of 2011, and his brother Ibrahim was arrested on March 12. Their mother, Seham, has been prohibited from visiting them on multiple occasions under security pretexts.