Shireen Issawi’s appeal denied as 30 prisoners summoned by Shabak

shireensamerPalestinian lawyer and activist, Shireen Issawi, appealed to end her detention without charge at an Israeli military court hearing on March 17. Her appeal was denied. Issawi, along with her brothers, Medhat and Shadi, was arrested on March 6, 2014, along with fellow Palestinian lawyer Amjad al-Safadi. Issawi is the sister of Samer Issawi, who was released from Israeli prisons following a 270-day hunger strike; she was the most prominent spokesperson for his case throughout his strike.

Her detention has been extended twice, first until March 13 and then until March 20. Another hearing will be held on March 20.

In addition, the Palestine Prisoners Center for Studies reported that Israeli security agency, the Shabak, summoned 30 prisoners in Israeli jails for interrogation in connection with the cases of Palestinian lawyers Shireen Issawi, Fares Abu Hassan and Mohammed Abed.

Among those summoned include Hamas leader Abbas Sayyed, Raafat Nassif, Amer al-Turabi, Abdelbasit al-Hajj, Alaa Shuraiteh and Muatassim Samara.