Health crisis continues for al-Masri, Raddad, al-Titi and Tamimi

Several lawyers from the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Prisoners commented on the urgent medical situations of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, including medical neglect by occupation prison authorities.

Yousry al-Masri

Yousry al-Masri, from Gaza, has cancer of the thyroid and lymph nodes that has spread through his body, reported Palestinian lawyer Rami al-Alami on March 19. He has visible swelling under his arms and is experiencing severe pain, headaches, dizziness and bone aches. Al-Alami said that he requires urgent hospital-based medical care and the introduction of a private doctor, which has been denied.

Moatassam Raddad

Fellow Palestinian lawyer Ashraf al-Khatib reported that the health situation of Moatassam Raddad continues to worsen. Raddad, who has colon cancer, is bleeding. He was scheduled for a bowel resection surgery but its date has not been set and he continues to bleed and has lost significant weight. He has high blood pressure and heart rate. The occupation military courts recently rejected his appeal for early release; al-Khatib said that this is a decision for Raddad’s execution, as the court is aware of the seriousness of his medical condition.

Hanan al-Khatib, Palestinian lawyer, said that Salah al-Din al-Titi, of Arroub

Salah al-Din al-Titi
Salah al-Din al-Titi

refugee camp, is held in Ramle prison clinic. He has congenital stomach problems and has undergone 10 surgical procedures. He continues to experience severe pain, high blood pressure, and kidney problems. His kidneys have not been tested and he has not received health care for these issues despite documented problems.

Lawyer Moataz Shukeirat reported that Sidqi al-Tamimi, of al-Khalil, held in Ramon prison, cannot walk due to back and foot pain and suffers from chest pain and shortness of breath. In addition, he noted that Tamimi and other prisoners had received medication marked as past its expiration date.