Several strikers suspend hunger strikes following agreements

Muammar Banat and Akram al-Fassisi have suspended their hunger strikes after 70 days, reported Jawad Boulos of the Palestinian Prisoners Society. Speaking from Kaplan hospital, Boulos said that occupation prison authorities had agreed to not renew their administrative detention orders beyond May for Banat and August for al-Fassisi.

Aref Hareebat has also suspended his hunger strike, reported Boulos. He suspended his strike after an agreement by occupation forces to end his administrative detention when it expires next, on August 19, 2014, and not renew it, Boulos said. He has been held since August 18, 2013, in Ofer prison without charge or trial and was on hunger strike for 20 days.

Ahmad Abu Ras, who launched his hunger strike at the same time as Hareebat, also supended his hunger strike on Monday after an agreement was reached on the maximum length of his administrative detention without charge or trial, reported the Mohja Jerusalem Foundation.

Waheed Abu Maria, Ameer Shammas, Kifah Hattab, and Ayman el-Tabeesh continue their hunger strikes.