Raja Ighbarieh of Abna’a el-Balad among 110 arrested in raids in Occupied Palestine ’48

rajaa-aghbariehRaja Ighbarieh, member of the Political Bureau of Abna’a el-Balad Movement, a Palestinian political movement in Occupied Palestine ’48, was arrested from his home in a raid by occupation police in Umm el-Fahm on the morning of July 7. He will have a hearing on Wednesday morning, July 8 at the Magistrate’s Court in Hadera at 8:30 am.

Over 110 Palestinian political detainees were rounded up in mass arrests by occupation forces inside occupied Palestine ’48 in the past days, reported Arabs48.com, including political leaders of Palestinian movements that have organized demonstrations that have swept the ’48 areas, including Arara, Umm el-Fahm, Shafa’amr, Akka, Nazareth, Arraba al-Batouf, Wadi ‘Ara, Tira, Yafa, Kafr Qana and elsewhere. Over half of those detained were minors, and occupation police have stated they are planning to carry out further arrests. Despite the arrests, mass protests are continuing as of Monday evening.

Murad Haddad, member of the National Democratic Alliance (Balad) Political Bureau was also arrested and detained, with his detention extended through Tuesday by the Hadera Magistrate’s Court.

Both Ighbarieh and Haddad are being accused of “incitement” for their political advocacy and role in protests and demonstrations.

Abna’a el-Balad movement issued a statement on the arrest of Raja Ighbarieh:

Occupation police forces arrested this morning (July 7), Comrade Raja Ighbarieh, member of the Political Bureau of Abna’a el-Balad Movement, searched his home and confiscated his papers and personal computer. This brutal action comes against the backdrop of mass popular demonstrations condemning the policies of the occupation, especially after the killing of the child martyr Mohammed Abu Khdeir in Jerusalem.

We are no stranger to the use of brute force to arrest and prosecute the cadres and leaders of Abna’a el-Balad in particular and the activists and leaders of our people in general. Does the occupation think that the mass arrests will intimidate and terrorize us from being at the forefront defending our people and their national rights? We in Abnaa el-Balad condemn this arrest and the terrorist prosecution, we hold the Israeli government and its prime minister responsible for all the crimes being committed against our people. We promise to our people that we will continue to move forward on the path. We demand immediate freedom for Comrade Raja Ighbarieh and all of the prisoners and detainees of our people. Protest and demonstration is a natural right and we will continue this project until we achieve our national and human goals.

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Political Bureau – Abna’a el-Balad Movement