Alert: Khader Adnan re-arrested by occupation forces

khaderadnanPalestinian media reported that Khader Adnan, former long-term hunger striker and freed former administrative detainee, was re-arrested by occupation forces in Jenin on July 8.

freekhaderOccupation forces have not laid any formal charges against him, but said he was arrested for “activities that threaten regional security,” according to Palestine News Network. Adnan, a baker from Jenin, launched his hunger strike in February 2012, garnering international support and attention that led to his release from administrative detention, where he had been held without charge or trial. The iconic graphic image of Adnan by Palestinian artist Hafez Omar covered the streets of Palestine and appeared in protests around the world.

Since his release, he has been a leading figure in supporting Palestinian prisoners’ struggle for freedom and justice, including various hunger strike campaigns.

This arrest came amid 31 arrests of Palestinians in Jerusalem, and following the arrests of over 830 Palestinian political prisoners since June 12. Al-Mayadeen TV reported on the afternoon of June 8 that it is an Israeli official decision to round up the cadres of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

While occupation forces are sweeping the West Bank with violent raids and arrests, they have announced “Operation Protective Edge” in Gaza, which has so far taken the lives of at least 23 Palestinians, 9 on July 7 and 14 so far on July 8, including children killed when a massive bomb was dropped on the Qaware’ family home in Beit Hanoun.


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