Video: Tarek Abu Khdeir released on bail, 10 days of house arrest

Tarek Abu Khdeir's release, image by Addameer.
Tarek Abu Khdeir’s release, image by Addameer.

Tarek Abu Khdeir, 15, was released from Jerusalem Magistrates’ Court, after being arrested by an Israeli special unit, brutally beaten, and detained without charge since Thursday. Abu Khdeir is a Palestinian American visiting Palestine with his family, and is the cousin of murdered Palestinian boy Mohammad Abu Khdeir, 16, who was killed last Wednesday by Israeli settlers. His family was ordered to pay bail of 3000 NIS and confined to house arrest within Beit Hanina village for 9 days – and excluded from Shu’afat, his family home and where he was arrested and beaten.

Photos and videos of Abu Khdeir’s beating and his severe injuries spread around the world and across the US. There are 200 Palestinian children held as political detainees and prisoners in Israeli prisons.

Video via Addameer. Tarek Abu Khdeir speaks about his beating by Israeli police: