Palestinian prisoners denied family visits, face repression and raids

Occupation forces have continued to escalate their repression against Palestinian prisoners in occupation jails. For the fourth consecutive week, occupation prison authorities banned family visits for prisoners from the Gaza Strip.

In Nafha prison, special units of occupation forces stormed section 14 of Nafha prison, conducting violent raids and inspections, lasting for over 3 hours. Prisoners were handcuffed and kept in a small room while these forces ransacked rooms and destroyed belongings, under the pretext of searching for communication devices.

In Hadarim, Ramon, Eshel, Ofer and Negev prisons, recreation has been reduced to a half-hour from one hour and Palestinian political prisoners are limited to 400 shekels in their canteen accounts, as well as family visits restricted to once every two months for 30 minutes. Prisoners are prohibited from buying fans in the canteen despite the high temperatures and humidity particularly in the Negev desert prison, which is also overcrowded.