Palestinians detained from Gaza being brought before military courts

Occupation authorities are bringing Palestinians detained in Gaza before sham military courts to extend their detention, said Raafat Hamdouna, representative of the Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs, saying that Palestinian lawyers are pursuing the issue.

10 Palestinians from Gaza had their detention extended on August 10, 3 on August 11, 8 are scheduled for military court extensions on August 12 and 3 more on August 14. Hamdouna stressed that there remain incomplete records and missing persons, and that the ministry is attempting to verify the names and ID numbers of Palestinians detained in Gaza during the occupation ground invasion. He called on the International Committee of the Red Cross to urgently follow up on this issue.

The prisoners’ office of the Fateh movement in Gaza reported also that on July 25, as occupation soldiers detained Palestinians in Khuza’a in southern Gaza during the ground invasion, 65-year-old Mohammed Qudiah was shot in cold blood in front of his family while detained by occupation forces. Occupation forces detained 25 family members in the basement of their home, and then brought the detainees to the second floor of the home.

Yassin Qudiah, Mohammed’s son, reported that his father had Spanish citizenship and attempted to inform the soldiers of the presence of civilians, children, women and elders, at which point he was shot.