Occupation forces kill Palestinian during assault on home in Nablus

home-aqraPalestinian Zakariya al-Aqra, 24, a Fateh activist, was killed by occupation soldiers on Monday, August 11, after his family home in Qabalan, near Nablus was surrounded by army vehicles. Soldiers fired several “Energa” shells into the home, then bulldozed the entrance to the home, after which soldiers entered and shot al-Aqra, killing him and wounding at least eight others, reported IMEMC.

“A neighboring apartment of 45-year old Kamal Farah al-Azaar was also attacked during the bombardment, injuring his wife Inshirah, 38, his daughters Nawal, 7, Manal, 15, and his 4-year old son Jalal,” reported Ma’an News.

aqra-maanThree Palestinians were arrested and taken with the soldiers following their assault on the al-Aqra home, Bilal al-Azaar, 23, his 21-year-old brother, and Alaa Hassan Abdul-Rahim.

Al-Aqra was accused of shooting and injuring an Israeli occupation soldier in the West Bank several weeks ago as army forces invaded Qabalan. He was never charged nor evidence presented to indicate this. He refused to be arrested by the occupation forces, and resisted the assault on his family home.