PFLP prisoners reject family visits in solidarity with targeted Hamas and Islamic Jihad prisoners

PFLP, Hamas and Islamic Jihad banners at rally for Palestinian national unity.
PFLP, Hamas and Islamic Jihad banners at rally for Palestinian national unity.

The occupation prison administration has prevented family visits to Hamas and Islamic Jihad prisoners for two months, reported the Prisoners Center for Studies on August 10. In addition, prisoners affiliated with these movements have had electrical appliances removed from their rooms, denied recreation and frequently transferred to other prisons.

The prison branch of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine reiterated its position that its members in prison would reject their own family visits in all of the Zionist prisons in solidarity with their brother prisoners in Hamas and Islamic Jihad, saying that “the Front’s branch in the occupation prisons is committed to the unity of the prisoners and rejects fragmentation or the singling out of any component of the prisoners,” and called on Fateh’s affiliates within the prisons to join the visitation strike.

The PFLP prisoners’ statement called for all of the prisoners to organize to escalate their confrontation of the prison administration to cancel the sanctions imposed on prisoners from Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Front, including prohibition of visits, denial of the canteen, denial of access to television and constant transfers.

“The prisoners’ struggle is an integral part of the struggle of our people and their heroic resistance against the brutal aggression against our beloved Gaza and all of occupied Palestine,” said the statement.