Social Bombing Campaign: Free Shireen Issawi and Bushra Tawil

Libera Palestina has launched the following online action campaign in support of Shireen Issawi and Bushra Tawil:

“Shireen Issawi has been declared the 2014 Human Rights Defender. Sister of Samer, himself again in an Israeli prison, she has been jailed for the second time by the Israeli Governor of the Occupied Palestinian Territories through Article 10 of the Miltary Order 1651 for the same no-crime: being a lawyer, advocate for the rights of Palestinian political prisoners. This human rights defender, among others, “is being targeted by the Israeli authorities, with arbitrary arrests and detention, for peacefully and lawfully exercising their fundamental right to freedom of expression on significant human rights and the conditions of Palestinian prisoners.”.
Now she is from march in segregation, declared in punishment, locked in a cold unhealthy infested cell.
In response to the joint complaints (also concerning the similar case of Bushra Taweel) made to the United Nations by Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights and Addameer in the case of Palestinian human rights defenders, Libera Palestina Italy launched a “social bombing” campaign to build attention, support and awareness of the case.
“Socialbombing” organizes participants to send messages on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ highlighting the issue and raising awareness and communication to key recipients, in this case, Michael Forst, UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of Human Rights Defenders.
Professor John Dugart has declared: “I am so pleased that you are conducting this campaign for Shireen. It is essential. She must not be forgotten. The Israelis will treat her better if there is international attention. So please keep it up”.
To join the campaign, please see:

Complaints concerning detention of two female Palestinian human rights defenders