Thursday, 29 January
1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Esplanade of Saint-Michel Fountain (Metro: L4 Saint-Michel)
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Last November 5, the tribunal reviewing Georges Ibrahim Abdallah’s parole application in Paris rejected his application for release, made in March 2014. His application was deemed inadmissible because Abdallah is not subject to an existing order of deportation which would allow him to be paroled to Lebanon, his home country of citizenship.

This travesty of justice indicates once more that Georges Ibrahim Abdallah is imprisoned under an exceptional regime, now in its 31st year, as a political decision of the French state.

In 2012, Manuel Valls, then interior minister, refused to sign the deportation order referred to by the tribunal after a previous positive parole decision that would have allowed Abdallah to return immediately to Lebanon.

Abdallah immediately appealed the November decision, which was scheduled bo be considered December 18 but was then postponed. The new date of the non-public appeal hearing is Thursay, 29 January 2015. There will be a public solidarity rally outside the hearing.